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The pageboys at Rachel Meghan Markle's wedding were Brian and John Mulroney, whose mother was born Jessica Brownstein.

The Mulroney twins.

"Markle will be the first black, Jewish, divorcee, American 'princess' in English history."

Meghan Markle - Prince Harrys Jewish 'princess'

"Meghan Markle is handled by her stylist Jessica Brownstein, a Jewish woman..."

"The Meghan-Harry matchmaker is Misha Nonoo, again a Jewish fashion designer and friend of Pippa."

Facts of Henry VIII 's wives

May 19 is the date that redheaded King Henry VIII had his wife Anne Boleyn executed.

Harry's wedding was on 19 May.

"Royal weddings have typically taken place during the week, but the couple broke tradition by scheduling their big day for Shabbat.

"In a 2013 interview, Meghan revealed her first kiss was as a teenager with Joshua Silverstein."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding has Jewish flavour

Meghan Markle was married to Jewish producer Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013.

The pair had a Jewish wedding in Jamaica (complete with a “Jewish chair dance”).


Piers Morgan writes of Meghan and Harry's wedding:

"The guests began to arrive and it quickly resembled the red carpet at any Hollywood awards show.

"There were the Clooneys, Sir Elton (in ominous rose-tinted spectacles), Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Carey Mulligan, James Corden, Oprah, Serena Williams, her former Suits co-stars, James Blunt and, of course, the Beckhams."



It's the wedding of the year.

Is the Royal Family Jewish?

Prince Albert

Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert may have had a Jewish father. 

Albert's mother was dismissed from the court of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha for having an affair with the Jewish chamberlain, the Baron von Mayern. 

(British Royal Family's Irish and Jewish Links)

Nathan Rothschild and Edward VII.

King Edward VII is said to be the son of Queen Victoria and Nathan Rothschild.

Lord Jacob Rothschild (left) is said to be related to the Duke of Kent (right)

Frances Shand Kydd and Diana (

Prince Harry is the son of Lady Diana.

Lady Diana's mother was Frances Shand Kydd, who was born Frances Ruth Roche.

Reportedly, Frances had Jewish origins. 

(Davidic Ancestry of Prince William.)

And, Lady Diana's father may have been Jewish.

On 7 September 2007, the Independent (Ireland) produced an article entitled: A Murky Question, by Declan Lynch

Acording to Declan Lynch:

Princess Diana's father was Sir James Goldsmith.

Sir James was the son of Frank Goldsmith, the descendant of a Jewish banking family from Frankfurt.

Sir James Goldsmith who has links to the Rothschilds (Cached).He multiplied his fortune as a brash corporate raider in the United States during the 1980s (Billionaire with a Cause ) "He inherited many of his traits from his father Frank Goldsmith, the descendant of a distinguished Jewish banking family from Frankfurt once as famous as the Rothschilds." (Obituary: Sir James Goldsmith - People, News - The Independent)

According to Declan Lynch:

Sources have long maintained that Goldsmith was conducting an affair with Frances around the time that Diana was conceived.
"Kate Middleton is a Jew from a maternal line of Sephardic Jews."

The Truth About The So Called British "Royal Family"

Thomas and Meghan. 

According to Thomas Junior, Thomas Markle took tens of thousands of pictures of Meghan. 

Thomas Markle's first wife was Roslyn.

According Roslyn, Thomas Markle wasn't nearly so attentive to their children, Samantha, now 53, and Thomas Junior, 51, as he was to Meghan.

Meghan Markle

Thomas Markle's second wife was Doria Ragland.

After Thomas Markle divorced Doria, Thomas Markle continued to take Meghan to film studios and pay for her expensive education.


Meghan Markle.

Meghan has had an exciting life.

Rachel Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle, declared himself bankrupt in California in 2016, with credit card debts of £24,181 and savings of just £160.

He has been the subject of four legal claims in the past 20 years for unpaid tax bills.


Thomas Markle.

Thomas Markle was a camera operator on the '80s sitcom Married With Children.

Thomas Markle's father, Gordon, worked on a US Air Force base.


Isaac Thomas MARKLE 1891-1972Ruth Ann ARNOLD 1892-1963Frederick George SANDERS 1873-Gertrude May MERRILL 1887-1938

Gordon Arnold MARKLE 1918Doris May Rita SANDERS ca 1921

Thomas W. MARKLE ca 1944

"Gay Brit Prince Harry's #Beard, Meghan Markle's Toronto A-list lesbian partner Jessica Mulroney..."  Beard Club on Twitter.

Above, we see Rachel Meghan Markle.

"Markle will be the first black, Jewish, divorcee, American princess in English history."

"Many publications have reported that Rachel Meghan Markle's father is Jewish."


"Markle’s first marriage was to film producer Trevor Engelson, a Jewish man from Great Neck, New York. 

"Their wedding involved what The Sun tersely referred to as a 'traditional Jewish chair dance'."

"She has said that she is sometimes labeled 'Sephardic' at auditions."

"A spokesman for Westminster Abbey confirmed on behalf of the Church of England that, if they choose, Markle and Prince Harry will be able to marry within the church in an 'interfaith' marriage, regardless of Markle’s 'Jewish background'."


Rachel Meghan Markle is an American actress and model born and raised in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Doria Ragland

Rachel Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland, works as a psychotherapist and yoga instructor.[7][10]

Doria, who is African American, has ancestry in Tennessee and Georgia.[66]

An ancestor was a slave in the plantations of Georgia.[67][68]

Markle at 11 years old with (from left to right), her nephew Thomas Dooley, her father Thomas Markle Sr, her nephew Tyler Dooley. dailymail.

Rachel Meghan Markle's father, Thomas W. Markle, who lives in Mexico,[11] is an Emmy Award-winning lighting director.

Markle is of Dutch, English, and Irish descent through her father.[15][16]

Rachel Meghan Markle's parents divorced in 1988 when Markle was six years old.[17][18]

Rachel Meghan Markle had an internship at the US embassy in Buenos Aires. [23][24][25][26]

In 2016, Markle became a global ambassador for World Vision Canada, which is reported to be an asset of the CIA.

Since July 2011, Markle has played Rachel Zane on the USA Network show Suits, which is filmed in Toronto, Ontario.

Markle married Trevor Engelson in 2011. They were divorced in 2013.

Rachel Meghan Markle's half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr, was arrested in January 2017 after a drunken row during which he is alleged to have brandished a gun.

Meghan Markle, where are your wacky relatives?

The gay Larnelle Quentin Foster (above) was Meghan Markle's college 'soulmate' and close friend.

Meet Meghan Markle's Gay BFF

Royal relationships are interesting.

Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson.

"When the bisexual Prince Edward decided to marry Wallis Simpson the government was aware that Simpson was in fact involved in other sexual relationships.

"This included a married car mechanic and salesman called Guy Trundle and Edward Fitzgerald, Duke of Leinster.

"More importantly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation believed that Simpson was having a relationship with Joachim von Ribbentrop, the German Ambassador to Britain, and that she was passing secret information obtained from the king to the Nazi government."

Wallis Simpson and Nazi Germany - Spartacus Educational.

Prince George, the Duke of Kent.

Prince George, Duke of Kent, was bisexual.

"Before his marriage, he is supposed to have enjoyed the company of thin blonde men, but afterwards his tastes expanded to include a black (female) singer. 

"He was arrested for engaging in homosexual activity at least once, but released when his identity was confirmed.

"George was also heavily addicted to morphine and cocaine, and was put under house arrest by one of his brothers during the 1920s in an attempt to cure him. It didn’t work.

"The Duke was not discreet when it came to writing to his lovers, and was reportedly blackmailed by a male prostitute over his love letters."

4 Royal Scandals Juicier Than Prince Harry's Strip Billiards.

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Above, we see Rachel Meghan Markle.

Things are not always what they seem.

Kim and his wife.

What if Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has been secretly working for the Kosher Nostra?

And what if Kim Jong Un has been mind-controlled by The-Powers-That-Be?

What if President Assad was recruited in London to MI6?

John Coleman

John Coleman, formerly of MI6, has written that we cannot trust anything from the mass media or government.

According to Coleman: "The moral, spiritual, racial, economic, cultural and intellectual bankruptcy we are in the midst of today ... is the product of a carefully planned Tavistock program."

Can we trust John Coleman?
The Tavistock Institute, funded by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, pioneered the techniques of propaganda used to justify wars.

Greenmantle was the Islamist terrorist who was secretly working for the security services. Greenmantle was based on John Buchan's friend, Aubrey Herbert, who worked for the UK intelligence services. John Buchan was a Zionist who worked for UK military intelligence.

When it comes to big events, everything is apparently staged and the script is written by the Kosher Nostra/Deep State/ Rich Elite.
The Kosher Nostra tends to believe in materialism and atheism.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America. (Pdf)

According to Coleman, Tavistock was set up with the purpose of convincing people of the need to have bloody wars.

Coleman writes: 'Those fresh-faced young American boys from Arkansas and North Carolina were sent marching off to Europe believing they were "fighting for their country" never knowing that the "democracy"  Wilson sent them to "make the world safe for" was a ... Government dictatorship.'

Erik Hanussen, born Hermann Steinschneider, was a Jewish occultist.

Coleman found that 94% of the keywords and phases developed by Tavistock for use with World War II "matched up with those used in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War."

According to Coleman, Tavistock has an "invisible army" of actors found "today in the halls of justice, police, churches, school boards, sports bodies, newspapers, TV ... town councils, state legislatures, and are legion in Washington. They run for every office..."

Virtually every important corporation, university, think tank or foundation is linked to Tavistock.

It chooses the entertainers we watch, the pundits we listen to and the politicians we elect.

Every US President since Theodore Roosevelt has been under its control.

Tavistock is behind every "spontaneous" social movements.

Control More Pervasive than We Think -


We are constantly studied to see how we will react under stress.

Tavistock follows Sun Tsu's maxim of "Kill a few; terrorize many."

Continued here: Control More Pervasive than We Think -


John Coleman - 21 Goals of the Illuminati

You Tube Speech by John Coleman

Eric Trist - Wikipedia description of a Tavistock founder

tavistock articles index

coleman beatles and Aquarian Conspiracy

beatles and coleman

coming up to speed on mc

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Ken O’Keefe - “Why aren’t we allowed to talk about the Jews”

Kenneth O'Keefe - Wikipedia.

Charles Frith - Punk Planning: Ken O'Keefe Is A Con Artist .


Above, we see Prince Harry and Mark Dyer.

Above, we see Prince Harry and Mark Dyer.

Above, we see Prince Harry and Mark Dyer.

Meghan Markle and Mark Dyer.

Prince Harry and Mark Dyer.

Prince Harry

Mark Dyer, in the mid-Nineties, worked as an equerry to Prince Charles for 18 months.

Prince Charles appointed Dyer to keep an eye on his sons.


Mark Dyer, the ex-Welsh Guards officer, 51, has sold his pubs in Chelsea, including Sands End in Fulham, where Harry conducted his secret courtship with Meghan.


Jewish torturer Haspel.

Gina Haspel 'is Jewish'.

She is to be Trump's Director of the CIA.

Haspel ran a "black site" CIA torture prison in Thailand.


This may or may not be a relation of Gina Haspel.

Gina Haspel was born Gina Walker, in Ashland, Kentucky, and she married Jeffrey Haspel.


Israel did the attack on the USS Liberty, with the help of the 'Jewish' President Johnson.

Does the Kosher Nostra control the USA?

Stephen Feinberg

On 11 May 2018, Donald Trump appointed the billionaire owner of the military contractor DynCorp, Stephen Feinberg, to head the President's Intelligence Advisory Board.

Stephen Feinberg was born to an American Jewish family[4][5] and raised in The Bronx, New York.

Cynthia McKinney pointed out that "DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children.

"While all of this was going on, DynCorp kept the Pentagon contract to administer the smallpox and anthrax vaccines..."

DynCorp was involved in a sex slavery scandal in Bosnia in 1999, with its employees accused of rape and the buying and selling of girls as young as 12.

Stephen Feinberg's name has been linked to Bernie Madoff and to Mossad.

Did Jews do 9 11?

"Artists with clear mossad ties work and lived in the WTC for four years prior to 9/11 and had 24/7 free access to the entire complex." More notes, photos, videos here: