Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Vote Leave.

The Powers-That-Be want the UK to remain in the EU.

So, vote leave!




  1. If our vote made a difference they'd stop us from doing it. It's a charade bought and paid for by the unconscious masses.

    1. Aye.....proved by the rigged Scottish Independence vote.

    2. Yup and yup.

  2. Our financial services are booming because they are the biggest bunch of crooks on the planet.

  3. Tory Michael Fallon: Good grief. ESA cutting Michael is thrifty (with his own money). Just don't ask for receipts

  4. sovereigntea:

    "Warmonger" Michael Fallon has added his usual hysterical ranting to the pro EU campaign.

    The Guardian reports

    Leaving the EU would be an “extraordinarily irresponsible thing to do at a very dangerous moment”, Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, has told MPs – adding that it would be “absolutely applauded in Moscow”.

    Fallon seized the opportunity presented by an appearance before the House of Commons defence committee, chaired by the Brexit supporter Julian Lewis, to mount an impassioned case for the UK remaining a member of the EU.


    Of course the opposite is true we should vote to leave...

  5. I hope Britain does pull out of the EU but I doubt very much that they will. All the other EU countries who have organized a vote on the subject have failed to win the vote. So it looks as though all democratic elections are rigged anyway.

  6. Agree looking like average citizen thinking out so a close race but PTB too much to lose if we do exit so cue the rigging m