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Right-wing authoritarians are easily scared.

Right-wing authoritarians like:

1. Established authorities (eg. the Torah, the Bible or the Koran, the US Constitution, certain outspoken activists such as Sandra Froman)

2. Established conventions and norms (eg. a belief that most people are exclusively heterosexual, the belief that one's own race or religion is superior, the belief that people need to carry guns)

3. Strong punishments for those who do not conform to their ideas. (Israeli police threaten Palestinians with gas attacks “until you die")

Authoritarianism in American Politics.

According to research by Canadian-American psychologist Bob Altemeyer, right-wing authoritarians tend to go in for faulty reasoning.

Specifically, they are more likely to make incorrect conclusions from evidence; and likely to hold contradictory ideas.

Authoritarians are also more likely to uncritically accept faulty evidence that supports their beliefs, and they are less likely to acknowledge their own limitations.[14]

Authoritarians generally score lower on openness to experience.


According to Bob Altemeyer, authoritarians get a lot of their ideas about how people ought to act from their religion.

Authoritarians tend to be ethnocentric and prejudiced against racial and ethnic minorities[27] and homosexuals.[28]

In a study by Altemeyer, 68 authoritarians played a three-hour simulation of the Earth's future entitled the Global change game.

Unlike a comparison game played by individuals with low Right Wing Authoritarian scores, which resulted in world peace, the simulation by authoritarians became highly militarized and eventually entered the stage of nuclear war.

By the end of the high authoritarian game, the entire population of the earth was declared dead.[14]

Some people believe that it is possible to be an authoritarian libertarian.

These people may quote Singapore as an example of a country run by authoritarian libertarians.

Rand Paul may claim to be a Libertarian, but he is actually rather authoritarian.

Rand Paul Is Not A Libertarian.

A true Libertarian would be opposed to the authoritarian General Pinochet of Chile.

Yet certain Libertarians were fans of Pinochet.

The 'libertarian' Tea Party people are mainly social conservatives, and have much in common with the Authoritarians.

New Data: Tea Party is Authoritarian.

The Libertarian Stephan Kinsella has written: "We libertarians do not oppose hierarchy or command or authority in general."

There is a belief that libertarians becomes authoritarians when they obtain power.

And, authoritarians become libertarians when they lose power.

There is a suspicion that libertarians want the sort of liberty that will allow them to advance their own selfish agenda.

Classic Revolutions. / PEOPLE POWER IN THE USA

Florian Philippot, the deputy leader of the right-wing, homophobic French Front National party, was "outed" as gay French Front National vice president Florian Philippot 'outed

Authoritarians tend to prefer Moses to Jesus; and tend to prefer Canada to Costa Rica.

Authoritarians are often scared that they will be found out.

Cardinal Spellman was scared that the public would discover that his nickname with his gay partners was 'Franny'.

Hitler was scared that the public would find out that his paternal grandfather was a Jewish merchant, Leopold Frankenberger; and that his lover was August Kubizek.

Most of the top Republicans would appear to be bisexual.

Authoritarians are sometimes called 'Conservatives'.

Of course, not all Conservatives/Authoritarians are exactly the same; and there are Communist Authoritarians.

There are 'tough minded' conservatives and there are 'tender-minded' conservatives.

A tough minded gay conservative like Richard Nixon and a reportedly tender-minded conservative like Mother Theresa might both claim to worry about abortion.

But they would have different views on the bombing of Cambodia.

French Front National party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen was outed as gay. Outed.

Research by John Hibbing , of the University of Nebraska, shows that conservatives/authoritarians tend to be easily scared.

This is why conservatives/authoritarians tend to support the military, guns, armed police, and dogmatic religious views.

The researchers used eye trackers and other devices to measure the involuntary responses of 'conservatives' and 'non conservatives', when they were shown pictures of scary things such as blood, maggots, spiders...

Paul Babeu and Jose. Conservative Republican Sheriff and Wannabe Congressman Paul Babeu was outed as gay, in Arizona.

New York University social psychologist John Jost published a synthesis of existing psychological studies on ideology, suggesting that conservatives/authoritarians have a need for certainty and an intolerance of ambiguity

Research from around the world shows that conservatives/authoritarians fear various threats and seek order, certainty, simplicity, and familiarity.

Conservatives/authoritarians are sometimes, secretly, scared bisexual fascists. 

The psychology of political parties: Why conservatives fall in ...

Typical conservatives, Sir Jimmy Savile and Prime Minister Edward Heath. Both are said to have liked boys.

The rich elite, whether Nazi or Zionist or Chinese or Hindu, tend to be conservative in the sense that they favour favour 'Authoritarianism'.

Some of the 'working class' also support 'Authoritarianism'.

Think about lower-working-class attitudes on:

Crime and Punishment





Hans Eysenck, Professor of Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, London studied political attitudes.

The leaders of Nazi Germany and the current leaders of Israel could both be considered to be 'Tough-Minded'.

Eysenck referred to "Radicalism", "Conservatism", "Tough-Mindedness" and "Tender-Mindedess".

Eysenck's research found that the most intelligent people occupied the middle ground between Radicalism and Conservatism; and occupied the middle ground between "Tough-Mindedness" and "Tender-Mindedess".

In other words, the most intelligent people do not label themselves as conservative/authoritarian.

Gay gangster (left) and gay conservative Lord Boothby (right)

What do conservatives/authoritarians think about Equality and Freedom?

Milton Rokeach and his colleagues used content analysis on works exemplifying nazism (written by Adolf Hitler), communism (written by Lenin), capitalism (by Barry Goldwater).

In excerpts from...

Hitler (nazism) - Freedom ranked 16th, Equality ranked 17th
Goldwater (capitalism) - Equality ranked 16th
Lenin (communism) - Freedom ranked 17th

The Political Test.

Are you for or against abortion, gay marriage, the Iraq war.....?

According to John Alford, a political scientist at Rice University in Houston, Texas, our political opinions may be partly determined by our genes.

"Trying to persuade someone not to be liberal is like trying to persuade someone not to have brown eyes," says Alford.

Alford has found that identical twins tend to have similar political views. 

(EARTHDAILY Are political leanings all in the genes?)

The Elm Guest House boy brothel was popular with top Conservatives.

John Jost, a psychologist at New York University, looked for a connection between personality traits and political orientation (American Psychologist, vol 61, p 651 

EARTHDAILY Are political leanings all in the genes?).

He found evidence that:

People who are dogmatic tend to be conservative/authoritarian.

People who enjoy lots of new experiences tended to be liberal.

People who prefer simple and unambiguous paintings, poems and songs, tend to be conservative/authoritarian.

People who do not see things in black and white, people who understand complexity and ambiguity, tend to be liberals.

Many psychologists describe personality in terms of conscientiousness, openness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

People with high openness scores tend to be liberal.

Ira Carmen, of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has studied a gene involved in regulating levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine. 

High levels of dopamine can cause obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Carmen speculates that high levels of dopamine might be linked to the need to impose order on the world.

Some conservatives/authoritarians might have high levels of dopamine.

Some scientists suggest that conservatives/authoritarians may very often be dogmatic, routine-loving people and that liberals are usually free-spirited and open minded individuals.

Not another picture of Hitler with a boy!

However, we should not assume that all conservatives/authoritarians are the same and that all liberals are the same.

Tough-minded conservatives/authoritarians would support militarism and harsh punishments.

Tough-minded radicals might support easier divorce laws and fewer restrictions on birth control and abortion.

Tender-minded conservatives would tend to oppose imperialism and easy abortion.

Tender-minded radicals would tend to support racial equality and peaceful solutions to conflicts.

Republican Larry Craig was outed as gay.

When it comes to politicians one could perhaps divide them into the following groups:

1. Fascist mafia (tough minded conservative)

2. Totalitarian socialist mafia (tough minded radical)

3. Fundamentalist fascist mafia (tough minded conservative)

4. Mainstream militarist mafia (tough minded liberal)

5. Unelectable

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At 10 November 2015 at 02:30 , Blogger Mark Jesus said...

I’ve historically understood libertarian, aka anarcho-capitalism, voluntaryism and maybe some etc’s, as coming from ‘anarchy’ and their perspective, the most problematic heresy. (A bit like ‘Jews for Jesus’ in religiously assertive Jewish people hating nothing more - because it threatens them most).

There’s also palio-conservative which is a genuine sense of liberty’s outer reaches before losing concentration, such that it - yes - moves into a kind of social Darwinism by neglect if not design. The question is, at what stage do the purported aims become the demonstrable enemy? Collectivist-solutions-alone say the flaws are always going to be there and therefore not viable in resisting the take-over by rampant killers, leaving all but ones with enough individual or in-crowd economic and military power. But same can be said for anarchy - all they insist is the change cannot come through transformation of government and capital ways but world-wide revolution. At this point it’ll probably - almost certainly involve - a physical fight with the socialists again, ultimately more the final enemy of anarchists than is often assumed. Until then, actions and social spaces hold ground. For A-syndicalists working towards the formation of ‘revolutionary unions’ the best way to progress.

Anarchy, Marx and co promise, we’ll ‘get’ after a thousand years of their sort, i.e. once we’re trained and tamed into living this.

The clearest and surest definition for A is: No government. And this world-wide.

More recent anti-capitalist gatherings and actions have bought an ever-broader body that have common causes for a pragmatic synthesis. Anarchists and socialists, so-called or card-carrying, stand shoulder to shoulder against ever-repressive measures through lack of economic redistribution and in essence, all forms of authority. As we know, both believe in inevitable collapse, the fight for space and resources, to mobalize some masses.

Sadly, be assured, material and their makers claiming more-than-not conspiracies, have made little significant impression or inroads. Like any term there’s capital letter adherents and small ones. Our alternative patch of ground is generally a bit a-political these kinds of ideologue-wise, because we rightly see through some of the historical claims; these social orders escaped so much behind the scenes central manipulation.

Not pretending this is all so revelatory but like to contribute to this hot Aangirfan investigation


At 10 November 2015 at 03:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girls aged ten having babies: The shocking truth of Guatemala’s child pregnancy shame - and nearly all births involve a relative.


At 10 November 2015 at 04:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you do have a point, but I have met way too many dogmatic lefties (as well as righties though to a lesser degree) to believe this point of view.

At 10 November 2015 at 04:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Like it's literally that easy for kids to understand".

Because their definition of marriage, in history and currently, is bound to be perfect. Oh yes.

At 10 November 2015 at 05:21 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was very young we often saw two dogs ‘stuck-together.’

Mum used to throw a bucket of water over them.

I never understood why, but she said to cool them down.

Now much older I wonder if they were both male, they couldn’t have been female, no ‘protruberances?’

I like women, a lot, but now seem in a minority, since there apears to be no sexual differences, to me?

Women kissing each other, or men the same, I find revolting, but, it appears I am apparently persecuted for my revulsion.

Very strange, innit?

At 10 November 2015 at 06:57 , Blogger Kaivey said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 10 November 2015 at 07:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Libertarians and conservatives could be bad or good, like any other social categories. Nothing new, move on.

At 10 November 2015 at 08:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

on pedo demmink


At 10 November 2015 at 08:28 , Blogger Kaivey said...

I accidentally posted before too early. Here's how it should have read.

That quote by Bob Altimeyer made me laugh, the bit at the end.

Authoritarians get a lot of their ideas about how people ought to act from their religion, and as we’ll see in chapter 4 they tend to belong to fundamentalist religions that make it crystal clear what they consider correct and what they consider wrong. For example these churches strongly advocate a traditional family structure of father-as-head, mother as subservient to her husband and caretaker of the husband’s begotten, and kids as subservient, period. The authoritarian followers who fill a lot of the pews in these churches strongly agree. And they want everybody’s family to be like that. (A word of advice, guys: check with your wives first.)

At 10 November 2015 at 08:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was lots of good Nazi's too.

At 10 November 2015 at 08:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Jehovah Witness friend used to say that being gay wasn't right and that it was unnatural. I used to say that there was lots of gay sex going in the animal kingdom, and I asked him to find me a dog that isn't bent?

At 10 November 2015 at 08:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm probably a dogmatic lefty, but that doesn't make me an authoritarian. I'm dogmatic about it.

At 10 November 2015 at 08:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you disagree you are made to feel you are a homophobe and bitter and nasty. There are many that disagree but dont hate and allow the free will of the individual. There has been a long campaign to get to this state of affairs where you are made to feel you are wrong. Hollywood and power makers have reversed the psychology where is good is bad and bad is good....

At 10 November 2015 at 09:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

He'll on earth.

Torture By Proxy: Disturbing New Undercover Video Exposes What Your McDonald’s Purchases Pay For. Hidden-Camera Exposes Disgusting Secret Behind McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets


At 10 November 2015 at 11:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes you are absolutely right there about good being bad etc. It's now a case of right's wrong and wrong's right .... you can see it everywhere, even the mindless TV adverts are getting the very same message across to the braindead very nicely. When people see this as the 'norm' they just think 'oh it must be me' and passively accept it. Working well ain't it ... abnormal becoming the normal. I despair that as a whole we just collectively sit back, tut and sigh and do nothing. They must be wetting themselves laughing at us ...

At 10 November 2015 at 12:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wordplay. Lefties can be (and frequently are) as authoritarian as they need to be.

At 10 November 2015 at 14:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Communist propaganda - Or common sense?

This cartoon narrated by Ed Asner makes a lot of sense, but libertarians would call this "communist propaganda"


At 10 November 2015 at 16:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that Kate and Gerry McCann's former Media Liaison Officer, Ms Sheree Dodd, is now part of the team at Butler Kelly Public Affairs.

Dodd, a graduate of the London School of Economics, worked at the heart of government during the Blair years, and was reportedly supplied to the McCanns by no less a figure than Tony Blair himself.

Butler Kelly Public appears to be a rather small outfit, so doubtless it's important that all the partners enjoy one another's company.

Perhaps that's why Sheree Dodd's colleagues at Butler Kelly include none another than David Nicholson, the retired Conservative MP for Taunton.

When Dodd and Nicholson aren't chatting together about the 'mysterious disappearance' of Madeleine McCann, perhaps they reminisce about the reported 'paedophile parties' for MPs that took place in Dolphin Square.

David Nicholson attended at least one of those 'paedophile parties', according to Scallywag magazine (along with fellow Tories Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley and Edward Leigh).

How nice that Ms Dodd and Mr Nicholson have things in common they can chat about.






At 10 November 2015 at 16:25 , Blogger James R said...

James Corbett has an anarcho variant on Libertarianism that he sometimes describes as volunteerism that makes sense. "Official" libertarianism as represented by the likes of Rand Paul etc is as you describe it Aangirfan

At 10 November 2015 at 23:52 , Blogger Kathy Mayes said...

The two dogs stuck together are very much male and female. I've experienced it firsthand with my male dog mating(with a female). Please research it.

At 10 November 2015 at 23:55 , Blogger Kathy Mayes said...

I agree with everything but the criticism of the Constitution. Please do tell what's wrong with it? To me, the erosion of it is the problem.

At 11 November 2015 at 00:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Foreword: I will NEVER try to reply to this blog or any other on a smartphone. I just spent a half an hour thinking through and typing a reply that simply disappeared for no reason (well it was human error but these phones are so unpredictable and not very 'smart' at all).

Anyway, the comment at hand. This may be arbitrary or it might be in retrospect for some of the more anthropomorphical spiritual as well as ideological and political dialectic, comments and opinions presented here on this blog.

Ever since I was asked and confronted about the 'Gurdjieff' question I have been in a philosophical quandary as to the contradiction that I harbor that it might not be such a horrible thing to have introduced eastern mysticism to the West. Although I do believe that it has been an orchestrated attack on the belief systems of the West I also believe that much can be gained from confronting and reforming institutions like Catholicism and Christianity that have operated with impunity and through perfidity for centuries now. Much can be gained from understanding the mystic traditions and may even help some glean the understanding that there is a strong possibility that Jesus himself, if he did indeed exist in the capacity that he did and at that time, was an initiate of these mystery schools. I have much to thank eastern mysticism for, having come to a much deeper understanding of my surroundings and awareness and possible biological and spiritual connections to the Earth and the universe that are not quite perceivable in this current state. However, I could not and will not let myself get crystallized into a belief system that ultimately stunts the objective ability to discern what is real and what is not (however much difficulty it is in actually achieving this). Especially concerning eastern mysticism's heavy involvement and almost necessary collusion in the darker occult.

Yet, and so, we have seen the corruption, child/ritual sexual abuse, murder and organised crime in both camps. We have seen the exploitation of characters like Krishnamurti to Billy Graham. My point is, we have seen bad examples of every spiritual and political venue there is. Republican, democrat, libertarian, socialist, communist, catholic, christian, hindu, muslim, jew, athiest, pro-gun, anti-gun, gay, straight, bisexual, I'm beginning to think that I don't want anything to so with any part of any of them. It seems like the only safe choice is to say no to all of them, none of them work, and I need something that WORKS. I am skeptical that the idea of multiculturalism, especially in such a climate of such diverse ideologies not only globally but also within the narrowly minded nationalists that simply have no concept of the acceptance of diversity, I naturally tend to look at this diffusion of society by mixing as another attempt at a stricter mode of control, regardless of how much I would like to see a world free of racism and sexism. However, I have to be the first to admit that I may in fact know nothing at all how things are supposed to work out. But, a world war three almost looks inevitable in this current climate and I have to consistently remind myself that if these people want to cleanse the entire planet by recreating an alleged 'biblical prophecy' by annihilating a good portion of the Earth's population while claiming God then I have to remember that their plans for global dominance must not be so benevolent as it is reported as well.

It seems like all the choices we have been offered are no good. None of it works, and I for one am sick of it and have opted for just that, trying to absorb and realize my 'nothingness'. I've always realized and felt all of it was a scam in some way or another anyway.

I would like to avoid the usual self-pity and ask such a needy question but God give me something to believe in!

With all Love, Light, and Laughter


At 11 November 2015 at 00:55 , Blogger Anon said...

The US Constitution is like the Old Testament.

At 11 November 2015 at 00:59 , Blogger Anon said...

You are clearly an AUTHORITARIAN.

Almost everyday I see bisexual dogs and sheep and cattle and horses.

Authoritarians are more likely to uncritically accept faulty evidence that supports their beliefs.

Authoritarians generally score lower on openness to experience.

At 11 November 2015 at 05:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smartphone snafu - maybe this was a message from the Earth and the universe ? :o)

Diversity - should it be imposed/engineered against the will of the people ?

Choices offered - I'd suggest that every -ism/religion/political party has good, bad, and indifferent practitioners. Not to mention the downright evil.

At 11 November 2015 at 14:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've lost a good comment loads of times on my smart phone. But I also done it in my windows tablet. The X delete button becomes a back page button if the curser is not in the box. And then it's gone forever.


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