Saturday 7 November 2015



The latest US Non-Farm Payroll report has been released "and the outcome showed 271,000 jobs were created in October 2015, more than expected.

"The US Dollar is gaining strength and assets priced in Dollars are selling off, including Gold."

Gold Price Plunges Towards 5 Year Lows.

The evidence on the state of the economy is contradictory.

Where I live, most businesses are not booming.

Ordinary people do not seem to have enough money.

And, we have Another Phony US Payroll Jobs Number Report. Fake Unemployment Statistics according to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

On 1 November 2015, Paul Mason, economics editor of the UK's Channel 4 News, pointed out that all is not well with the world's economy.

Apocalypse now

"Copper cost $4.50 a pound in 2011, but was half that in September...

"World trade volumes have contracted tangibly since December 2014, according to the Dutch government index, while the value of global trade in primary commodities, which scored 150 on the same index a year ago, now stands at 114...

"Japan just revised its growth projections down, despite being in the middle of a massive money-printing programme.

"The eurozone is stagnant.

"In the US, growth ... has faltered...

"In short, this is 'a world in which debt levels are too high, productivity growth too weak and financial risks too threatening'."

Apocalypse now



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At 7 November 2015 at 00:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gold Price Plunges Towards 5 Year Lows."
Most people (including even financial experts) do not understand Gold.
Gold remains static and quiet. It's paper currencies that fluctuate against Gold.
Gold price did not plunge. It was the US Dollar that rose and as the USD is still the World's reserve currency and used as the 'official' price of Gold it looked as though the price of Gold had dropped.
Over 2 years the price of the Norwegian Krona has fallen against Gold. So have many other currencies.


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