Sunday 30 June 2024

Neo-feudalism: G7 supports BlackRock buying up world's infrastructure, t...

Gavin Newsom: Zionist in Waiting

Gavin Newsom: Zionist in Waiting

“Biden’s seeming heir apparent, California Governor Gavin Newsom, had the colors of the Israeli flag projected on the state capitol building on October 9, then flew off to Israel to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog and grandstand about how personal Israeli anguish had become to him …”

“… 2008 was [the] 60th anniversary of al-Nakba, when two out of three Palestinians, nearly 700,000 people, were forced to flee their homes …”

“In March 2008, when he was the mayor of San Francisco, the Jewish Community Federation arranged Newsom’s all-expense paid junket to Israel to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its founding.

“While there he promised to ‘continue the narrative for another 600 years …’”

* Published Jan. 2024

Ben Gvir calls for execution of Palestinian prisoners with 'shot in the head'

Putin's Aide Gifts New Homes To Gazans In Russia's Chechen Region Amid I...

Frank Olson


CIA Murder Claims Are Credible, but Too Late

By RYAN ABBOTT | Courthouse News | July 23, 2013

WASHINGTON – A federal judge dismissed claims that the CIA dosed a bioweapons scientist with LSD in 1953, killed him and made it look like a suicide.

Eric and Nils Olson say their father, Frank Olson, died shortly after expressing his disillusionment with his work as a CIA bioweapons expert during the early years of the Cold War. Olson had allegedly been involved in the highly classified MKUltra program, which sought to develop chemical and biological materials for clandestine operations. The program included testing LSD as a truth serum and a mind-control agent on human subjects.

Conservatives - immigration


The betrayal by the Tories of their voters. After Brexit they had the power to bring down migration to the tens of thousands instead they changed the character of our country forever by importing 1 in 30 of the people who currently live in this country.

We Need to Talk About Keir

Exposing Andrew Tate's Sham Conversion To Islam! Part 1

The Heat | Major Breakthroughs On Multiple Fronts | Panic Is Growing. Mi...

A short history of the Conservative Party backing the mob

A Kleptocracy Tour of London with Oliver Bullough

Bank Of England Admits That Scotland is A Filthy Rich Country

Bank Of England Admits That Scotland is A Filthy Rich Country

The richest countries in the world are NorwayQatarSingaporeBermudaLuxembourg
Ireland ... and SCOTLAND

Bank Of England Admits That Scotland
is A Filthy Rich Country
YouTube · Dave Boy
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Bank Of England Admits That Scotland
is A Filthy Rich Country. 43K views

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Bank Of England Admits That Scotland is A Filthy Rich Country via @YouTube.

FactCheck Scotland:

10 facts you need to know before ...

Channel 4 › news › factcheck-scotland-...

16 Sept 2014 — Scotland could be a rich country.
Scotland is the 14th wealthiest country in the world if you go by GDP per head.

Israeli snipers used them for target practice.


SEYMOUR HERSH: ‘The death toll in Gaza is much higher than we're being told’

“In days of telephone and email exchanges with public health and statistical experts in America I found a general belief that the civilian death toll in Gaza … had to be significantly higher than reported …

“Save the Children … [estimates] that as many as 21,000 children in Gaza are ‘trapped beneath rubble, detained, buried in unmarked graves, or lost from their families’.

“Other children, the agency said, ‘have been forcibly disappeared …’ … ‘amidst reports of ill-treatment and torture’ …

“[According to] Devi Sridhar, the chair of global public health at the University of Edinburgh … as many as 160 children [in Gaza are] being killed daily …

“… [In February,] Al Jazeera ran an interview with a 64-year-old Gazan undertaker named Saadi Hassan Sulieman Baraka …

“‘I've buried about ten times more people during this war than I did across my entire 27 years as an undertaker,’ he said.

“‘… Since October 7, I've buried more than 17,000 people’ …

“He especially remembered the day he buried … 800 dead.

“‘We collected them in pieces; their bodies so riddled with holes it was like Israeli snipers used them for target practice.

“‘Others were crushed like … like a boiled potato, and many had huge facial burns …’”

Pro-Israeli clothes of Europe's far right


Unknown -

France votes for Parliament today 30 June with run-offs in a week on 7 July

28-year-old 'political rock star' Jordan Bardella, now formally the leader of Marine Le Pen's National Rally party, may possibly become France's new Prime Minister

Bardella is fiercely pro-Israel

'Bardella on June 24 said: "Recognizing Palestine now would be recognizing terrorism."'

Yet 'Marine Le Pen’s father, the party’s founding leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, went so far as to describe the Gaza Strip as a "concentration camp where people are deprived the chance to defend themselves".'

Bardella is of mostly Italian but also some Algerian heritage. As his parents divorced, he lived much with his mother in lower income social housing, which he says helped shape his right wing views.

Youthful Bardella has a strong appeal with young voters who follow him on TikTok. His anti-migrant catchphrase is, 'France is disappearing'.

Bardella has been dating Nolwenn Olivier, a grand-daughter of Marine Le Pen's father, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

BBC - 'Jordan Bardella could soon be French PM at 28'

'The new pro-Israeli clothes of Europe's far right

Saturday 29 June 2024

‘Keir Starmer’s Labour wishes you and I were dead’


PETER HITCHENS: ‘Keir Starmer’s Labour wishes you and I were dead’

‘We learned during Covid of the many methods by which unwanted persons or opinions can be suppressed or made invisible’

“[If] you fail to vote against Labour in sufficient numbers … you will have 20 hard, dispiriting years in which to regret your mistake, in putting into government people who think they are so good that they wish you and I were dead.”

“Now, this does not mean that Keir Starmer, if he wins on Thursday, will begin building Stalin-style Gulag camps in which his opponents can be worked and starved to death …

“[There] is no need at all to actually shoot people you wish did not exist.

“You cancel them instead, denying them access to broadcasting, publishing, and of course to anti-social media — where we learned during Covid of the many methods by which unwanted persons or opinions can be suppressed or made invisible …”

How deep is the foodbank crisis? This town knows | Newcastle-under-Lyme ...

Putin's oligarchs & the London Laundromat

Scotland's Jews will be celebrating ?


FRIENDS OF ISRAEL: ‘We will celebrate if this election batters the SNP and elects a Labour majority among Scottish MPs’

“… [The SNP] has a long track record of criticising Israel …

“[Nicola Sturgeon held] anti-Israel positions [and] regularly riled Scottish Jews, 90 per cent of whom consider themselves Zionists.

“In August 2021, the SNP invited the Scottish Greens party to join their government.

“At that time, the Greens’ platform included a boycott of Israel, labelling it an ‘apartheid state’ …

“[And Humza Yousaf’s] support for the Palestinians and criticism of Israel since October 7 only served to cause Scottish Jews to question whether we have a future in Scotland …

“At the last general election, Scottish voters overwhelmingly chose the SNP …”

Keir Starmer is betting on the Israel lobby


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post '3 women in Singapore charged for organising procession in support of Pal...':

‘Labour and Zionism have collaborated for over a century’

“… Keir Starmer is betting on the Israel lobby to deliver him to power … in the midst of Zionist genocide in Gaza …

“When Tony Blair was Shadow Home Secretary … he was introduced to Israel lobbyist Michael Levy by Israeli embassy officer Gideon Meir …

“Levy then proceeded to raise money for Blair, securing contributions from influential pro-Israel lobbyists such as Westfield Chariman Frank Lowy … a former Haganah fighter, Emmanuel Kaye of Labour Friends of Israel, and Trevor Shin.”

“[At] the exact same time he was fundraising for Blair, Levy was fundraising for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

“Levy's son, Daniel, was also an Israeli employee working for the Israeli justice minister, Yossi Beilin …”

“After exiting Downing Street, Blair was selected to be a Patron of the largest settlement body in occupied Palestine, the JNF, alongside Israel's president and prime minister.

“His wife, Cherie Blair … became an ethical adviser to the Israeli intelligence company, the NSO group, responsible for the infamous Pegasus spyware.

“… [Perhaps] Starmer envisions a similar trajectory for himself.”

3 women in Singapore charged for organising procession in support of Pal...

You Are Still the Enemy Within

Meet the “New Normal”: Manipulation, 


Badr Dahlan’s full interview, listen to what he has to say,

England - deaths outnumber births › news

UK deaths outnumber births for first time in 40 years

24 Jun 2021 — Falling birth rates ... Part of the reason that deaths have outstripped births is that births have been falling steadily in every nation of the UK ...

UK deaths outnumber births for first time in 40 years

Friday 28 June 2024

Protests erupt in Tangier after Morocco allows Israeli warship to dock

The Empire’s Fake War on Terror

Who Controls the "British" Media?


Who Controls the "British" Media?

THE SNP are set to win the majority of Scottish seats


THE SNP are set to win the majority of Scottish seats in the General Election on July 4, according to a huge new poll.

The SNP are on to win a majority of Scottish seats at the next General Election, according to a major new poll for The Economist. The Tories ...

Poll: SNP to win majority of Scottish seats and Tories zero

SNP to win majority of Scottish seats and Tories zero, poll projects

Baby Banks


'In Ladywood in Birmingham, a staggering 54.5% of children live in poverty

 'Like a food bank, Baby Aid fills in the cracks where the welfare state once stood.'

Starmer to delay recognition of Palestinian state to preserve relationship with US

Thursday 27 June 2024

Why Germany Is More Israeli than Israel

They Exposed Israeli War Crimes - And We Need To Listen

F*@K the Media...I Went to IRAN!

Russia is Ready to Respond to NATO with Crushing Force | Larry C. Johnson

Who won the Trump-Biden presidential debate?


Who won the Trump-Biden presidential debate?

Prince William - nose

Elizabeth Farrell @Elizabe32413720

Champion's Gold

A Savanta poll shows Labour four points down

Scotland poll.

A Savanta poll shows Labour four points down from a previous survey by the same firm.

The SNP is one point up.

SNP gap