Monday 27 May 2024

'Carbon Capture Con'

Oceans contain vastly more CO2 than the thin puny atmosphere, and oceans maintain equilibrium between CO2 in the atmosphere and CO2 dissolved in the oceans. If man releases CO2 into the atmosphere, the oceans will quickly absorb much of it. 

'And if by some fluke man reduced the CO2 in the atmosphere, CO2 would bubble out of the oceans to replace much of it. Or just one decent volcanic explosion could negate the whole CCUS exercise.

'Increased CO2 in the atmosphere encourages all plants to grow better and use more CO2.'



At 27 May 2024 at 23:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are three places where carbon dioxide can reside: in gaseous form in the atmosphere; in liquid form in the oceans; and converted into solid form in plants. As the atmospheric concentrations increase, the rate of plant growth increases, providing a natural feedback mechanism. No-one has yet had the adult discussion about what the optimal atmospheric carbon dioxide level might be. To say it is 280ppm is simplistic. Why not 750ppm? Plants would love it....

At 28 May 2024 at 01:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

About a quarter to a third of all carbon dioxide emissions from our cars and factories are absorbed by the Earth’s oceans. Much of it becomes “fixed” and stored in ocean plants like seagrass. Ocean plants absorb carbon just like forests and field grasses do. But, any of the CO 2 that is not fixed dissolves into the seawater, altering the chemistry of the waters. The result is ocean acidification. The ocean, our planet’s vast blue heart, has been sending out CO2 alert signals for years. Rising sea levels, acidification, and coral bleaching are just a few of the symptoms of an ocean under immense distress.In 2002 I went to El Nido, Palawan Islands to see 57 of the best SCUBA dive sites in the world where after 1,000s of years it had reached enormous size. Recommended by Jacques Cousteau. On arrival there was NO large coral left. The locals who lived there for 1,000s of years said the sea temperature had risen 2 deg C enough to kill all the coral. After a cyclone all that was left was broken bits. 2024 the largest living being in the world is now the largest dying being Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Ignorance is not bliss it is dangerous and delays solutions to an ever increasing problem.

At 28 May 2024 at 07:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Margi for about the 8th time now. Only this time (niceness out of the way), why don't you just get to f@£& with your fake story of climate tripe that you have submitted over and over again.

It's getting a bit boring you two bit fraud.

Jacque Cousteau blah blah blah , my Sydney high society friends blah blah blah, El Nidi blah blah blah.You have never mentioned geoengineering even once.

Why????? Because your a fraud and shill.



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