Sunday 26 May 2024

US missiles versus Russia


Russian general speaks of possible need to strike NATO logistics centre in Poland

To understand better why UK Defence Minister Grant Shapps and UK MP Andrew Bridgen are speaking so earnestly of a much bigger war imminent -

Ukraine is in bad military shape in many ways, especially in manpower and soldier deaths. But Ukraine has begun to use a new high-tech artillery missile system supplied by the USA, and it is proving devastating, the most effective weaponry supplied to Ukraine so far in the war.

The ATACMS (Army Tac-tical Missile System) from Lockheed Martin, fires missiles at supersonic Mach 3 speed, which Russia's world-class missile defence S-400 units are significantly failing to shoot down.

Russia can shoot down some but not all of them, and so when the million-dollar-plus-each missiles are fired in waves, some of them get through. They are knocking out Russia's S-400 defence sites, leaving Russia vulnerable.

And furthermore, Ukraine hit a site near the Russian city of Voronezh, which has little to do with the Ukraine conflict, but was a major tech hub for warning of incoming missiles against Russia. For both Russia and USA, 'attack on nuclear defences' justifies use of 'nuclear weapons'.

So Russia is having its ability to defend its core homeland significantly impaired as these strikes continue, and likely must escalate in some major way.

Speaking of these strikes, Russian General Evgeny Buzhinky said, "then I presume we will at least strike the logistical hub in the territory of Poland in Rzeszów" where the missiles are staged for delivery to Ukraine.


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