Monday 27 May 2024

Mafia-Like Threat to Georgian Prime Minister

 'EU Official Appears to Issue Mafia-Like Threat to Georgian Prime Minister

Georgian leader Irakli Kobakhidze has refused to provide military aid to Ukraine and opposes the influence of Western-backed NGOs in the Eastern European country.

Just over a week after an attempt on the life of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, a top European Union official has warned another Ukraine-skeptic leader that he could suffer a similar fate. That’s the claim made by Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze, who made the startling revelation Thursday in a post on social media.

“You see what happened to Fico, and you should be very careful,” European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi allegedly told Kobakhidze during a telephone call in which the Georgian leader was threatened with “a number of measures” in response to the passage of a proposed foreign NGO transparency act.

Varhelyi acknowledged the comment in a statement released soon after, but claimed it was not intended as a threat.

Analyst Steve Poikonen: "All you really have to do is act in a way that is unfavorable to NATO and you wind up either being targeted or assassinated ... it really does sort of form a pattern.”'


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To be a soldier is the dumbest human occupation, if you can call it that.
The world's armies have ten times more civilians killed than soldiers.
The idea of ​​being a soldier in 2024 is absurd by its very definition - the occupation of killing people you've never seen in your life, but they are the faces of your mortal enemies because that's what the group of criminals in command say on the planet of the apes.

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Craig Murray:

'Collective Shrug Over Fico Assassination Attempt Exposes The Drive For War

We have the media telling us that Fico opposed sending arms to Ukraine and opposed threatening Russia. We are told he did not accept the mainstream narrative on Covid vaccinations. The media do not quite say he deserved to be shot, but they come very, very close.'

At 28 May 2024 at 07:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, zero blood = false flag.


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