Saturday 23 March 2024

Inside Jacob Rotschilds' Secret Bunker In His Mansion


At 25 March 2024 at 02:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is NOT their safe haven. The description David gave me is that super soldiers guard the entrance, food stored, also artificial photo synthesist enables fresh grown sustenance. Others have described super lux interiors. Triple air filtration for chemical, radiation etc. One is in Ecuardor inside a mountain and undoubtedly there would be one deeply inside a Swiss mountain. On 29 September 2011 an event had been planned -DEFCON 1. On that occasion they were to go to the safe place under Denver Airport. Their bunker had been built by those who built Obama's bunker. However a Chinese triple agent rang to tell me to warn them a rival family was going to attempt to kill them. By way of proof of his information he told me to tell them that he worked for the richest Chinese family & they knew that Libya's gold was never going to be returned. About $63 billion stored in Bank of England. Gaddafi had been convinced in that time when he was a 'mate'that is was safe there. Remember? Well the event was postponed as "Jennifer' said 'Your information is good." To my knowledge the event has not yet occurred. They told me they would only have to be underground for 2 months - it would be 'pure physics'. I declined an offer - would have got 2 weeks notice. Because as I said - if the dolphins & birds & bees are going I would not want to be around either.

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