Friday 22 March 2024

Reportedly, ISIS forces, reportedly run by the CIA & Mossad, have attacked Moscow.

ISIS forces, reportedly run by the CIA & Mossad, have attacked Moscow. 

Anon - 

Moscow concert hall attack exactly 8 years since Brussels 'terror attacks' of 22 March 2016

When only 4 days earlier Türkiye's Erdogan spoke of 'possible bombings in European cities including Brussels'

Then there was 'terror attack' at Westminster Bridge 22 March 2017

(also previously, Anders Breivik Norway 'terror attack' of 22 July 2011)

Reuters, 2 weeks ago -

'US embassy warns of imminent attack in Moscow by extremists'

screenshot photo of US embassy 'warning'
'avoid large gatherings ... to include concerts'

Russia and Putin are accused of 'false flags' blaming 'Chechen terrorists' in the 1990s, in order to block Chechnya's independence, and saving for Moscow the oil and gas line resources in that region ... was that the model for the New York City Twin towers '9-11' of 2001?

Are the perhaps 100,000 dead in Russia in the 1990s-00s Russia-Chechnya wars, related to what just happened?

"'Our 9-11' - What some Russians call the September (9, 13, and 16) 1999 bombings of four apartment buildings that left close to 300 dead, more than 1,000 injured, and became the spark that reignited a brutal war. Soon after, a device similar to the others was found and defused in Russian city Ryazan (about 122 miles southeast of Moscow) before it detonated.

The next day, then-Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered the aerial bombing of Grozny, the Chechen Republic’s capital, marking the beginning of the Second Chechen War. Russian authorities immediately declared the bombings the work of Chechen separatists, in what many took as an open-and-shut case. But then, not 36 hours later, three FSB agents were arrested by local authorities in connection with the defused Ryazan device, and murmurs of a false flag attack began to emerge."


At 23 March 2024 at 04:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many times have we seen that, we've lost count! Nothing new, problem, reaction, solution, distraction. Watch out for crisis actors/more fakery!


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