Wednesday 3 January 2024


Shapps, who is Jewish

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UK government ministers ‘could be tried for Genocide’

“Expect the UK to intervene on Israel’s side in the South African case against Israel for Genocide at the International Court of Justice.

“If Israel loses, British ministers, civil servants and military personnal could end up in the dock for genocide — not only in the Hague, but in the UK …

“What has the UK government done to aid and abet the genocide? It has:

1) Actively encouraged and incited genocide, including by the systematic obstruction of ceasefire resolutions at the UN Security Council;

2) Provided military equipment to Israel, with dozens of flights from RAF Akrotiri to Israel during the course of the genocide itself;

3) Provided communications intelligence to Israel to assist in genocide;

4) Provided aerial surveillance to Israel to assist in genocide.

“These are for certain. It is also widely rumoured that UK Special Forces have participated directly in the genocide. That is something the prosecution will have to determine …

“… [If] you ask the police to investigate [UK prime minister Rishi Sunak] for aiding and abetting genocide today, they will laugh at you and say there is no genocide.

“After an ICJ judgment they can no longer do that …

“Our ruling classes may find they are less fixed in power than they believe.

“I would not bet on their impunity being permanent …”


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