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Andrew Ash.    

Survivor Andrew Ash has accused Edwina Currie of belonging to the VIP clique who sexually assaulted him during the 1990s when Mr Ash was a young boy. Mr Ash's allegations were detailed in the Express.

Westminster Cllr Sir Simon Milton (dec’d), linked to .........., 'Friends of Israel'

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MPs consider establishing a UK Jewish History Month

“The House of Commons debate, which will take place on Thursday January 11th, was secured by Nickie Aiken, the Conservative MP …

“The MP [is] a former Westminster councillor and leader …

“SIR SIMON MILTON, the late Westminster Council leader and aide to Boris Johnson, who was himself Jewish, is described by Aiken as one of her ‘biggest political heroes’ …”


12 Jan 2014 — Andrew Ash claims he was 
forced to perform a sex act on the woman; 

Mr Ash, now 45, was in care and was taken 
to London for depraved parties ...

Dutch intelligence officers attended at least one interview because Andrew told of being trafficked to Amsterdam on a number of occasions to be abused by a group of paedophiles including convicted child killer Sidney Cooke.

He claims Cooke, now 84, made him film the paedophile abusing another young boy on video. It is feared Cooke may have abused and killed young boys in the Netherlands. -British female MP abused boy in care

15 Jan 2014 — She is alleged to have forced a boy in care to perform a “vile” sex ... Andrew Ash, now 45, said he has given Scotland Yard the name of the ...

12 Jan 2014 — The politician is said to have forced a boy
 in care to perform a “vile” sex ... Andrew Ash, now 45, 
claims he has given Scotland Yard the name of ...
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12 Jan 2014 — Andrew Ash, now 45, said a female former MP
 and prominent male MP ... Ash told the Sunday Express that
 he was regularly transported from the ...


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Unknown commented on "ANDREW ASH"
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a boy who was a friend of my son who is now age 14 said when he was 13 a class mate of his was a serving boy at a show biz party and had to wear just a small loin cloth to share drinks .... that well known trollop ....... sexually abused him


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