Tuesday 2 January 2024

Conservative-controlled Westminster City Council

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(deceased) took part in ‘paedophile parties’ in Dolphin Square, the late journalist Simon Regan alleged.

Also allegedly involved were several of Milton’s Tory colleagues on Conservative-controlled Westminster City Council, according to Regan.

One of them, councillor Alan Bradley, was interviewed by police investigating child sexual abuse in 2015.

Former Westminster councillor Bradley told the Daily Express newspaper: “I know nothing, and don’t know anybody who does, about any paedophile rings linked to Dolphin Square”.

Complainants who allege they were abused in Dolphin Square flats include Carl Beech and Richard Kerr, a former resident of Kincora boys’ home in Belfast.

As well as child sex trafficking, Dolphin Square, and spooks, we associate the former Kincora boys’ home with King Charles’s mentor, Uncle Dickie Mountbatten. Mountbatten reportedly abused boys, including those from Kincora, at locations including Classiebawn Castle.

Mountbatten, moreover, brought his close friend Jimmy Savile — whom Mountbatten had reportedly known since the 1960s — into the royal fold. This prepared the way for Savile to become a close friend and ‘marriage counsellor’ to Dickie’s protege — the man we now know as King Charles.

Another famous resident of Dolphin Square was Lord David Steel, whose young son joined him there for a spell, reportedly.

According to Regan, a “frequent visitor” to Lord Steel’s flat at this time was Derek Laud — the former Tory lobbyist who supplied his close friends Neil and Christine Hamilton with an alibi when the couple were accused of rape, and who was himself the subject of an extremely serious allegation by Regan.

Laud is the former joint master of the New Forest Foxhounds in Lyndhurst. Lyndhurst sits a few minutes from (a) the Beaulieu estate where the late alleged ritual abuser Lord Montagu lived and reportedly abused; (b) ‘Bloodoaks’ on Wych Green, the Bramshaw home of ChildLine founder Esther Rantzen; and (c) the homes of various Rothschilds, including Alice Rothschild Goldsmith (a resident of Bramshaw just like Ms. Rantzen), and a branch of the same clan in nearby Exbury.

Finally… speaking of Rothschilds and de Rothschilds…

Another famous former resident of Dolphin Square was Lord William Hague, whose wife Fiona served for 8 years alongside Jeffrey Epstein’s close associates Lynn de Rothschild and Prince Andrew on the board of Outward Bound Global.

Previously on the board of Outward Bound Global was Jimmy Savile.


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The Kray twins used boys from warwick boys school walthamstow E 17
T S was one of their rent boys
i ran into him in wood st he knew carl beech dave rackham and doug hooper, all 3 boys were being ... ,T became a male prostitute when he left school, he would be sent by the krays to various mainly show biz folk


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