Wednesday 3 January 2024

Genocide Case


Unknown commented -

South Africa's genocide case against Israel is a devastating document - according to Jewish civil rights lawyer Robert Herbst.

South Africa’s Application to the International Court of Justice to begin proceedings against Israel for Genocide is -


- to the State of Israel, to its Jewish political and military leaders and personnel committing the genocidal acts … 

- to those in Israel, America, and Europe standing so firmly in support of them, 

- and to the Jewish people in whose name Israel purports to act …

“The Application lays out these genocidal acts and statements in horrifying detail …

“South Africa is not alone.

“The Presidents or other state officials of Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Malaysia, Namibia, Pakistan, Syria, Turkiye, Tunisia, and Venezuela … have, according to the Application, described or referred to Israel's actions as Genocide …”


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