Wednesday 3 January 2024

Epstein - Alex Jones


Unknown commented -

Alex Jones shares previosly banned video of Jeffrey Epstein's ‘sex dungeon’

“… Alex Jones has shared a video of Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion … [in which he] claims the disgraced financer used [it] as a ‘sex dungeon’ …

“In the five-and-a-half-minute-long video, Jones can be seen walking up to the townhouse at 9 East 71st Street and describing [what allegedly] took place there …

“[Jones says:] ‘This is a place I began to expose more than 15 years ago from sources … who were telling me that there were powerful individuals that were running underage sex rings 

… and that they had an island in the Caribbean where … children

 were even killed …’”
'At the time, I traveled to New York to investigate Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slavery lair; this was censored on every platform. Now available, thanks to Elon Musk unblocking me on X! 'See the censored video I shot several years ago of Epstein’s NY sex dungeon


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