Wednesday 22 November 2023

Jews Against Israeli Apartheid

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Jews Against Israeli Apartheid: ‘Zionism is a genocidal, apartheid ideology’

“A human rights group has been formed in order to campaign against the apartheid system enforced by the Israeli government on Palestinians.

“Adam Hurst, 65, is a spokesman for Sheffield-based Jews Against Israeli Apartheid

“Adam said: ‘… If you look at the state of Israel there is a lot of discrimination. For example, the issue of the Palestinian right of return … [The] immigration laws treat Jews very different to Palestinians …

“‘They are forced to travel on separate roads and live in separate areas to Jews …

“‘In occupied East Jerusalem there are 350,000 people who don't have basic citizenship rights …

“‘The Western world supports Israel unconditionally and allows it to do things other countries wouldn't dare to do …’

“Alan Deadman, 76, is the chair of Jews Against Israeli Apartheid …

“He said: ‘I oppose Zionism because it has become a genocidal, apartheid ideology’ …”


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Biden the Zionist


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