Tuesday 21 November 2023

Geert Widers


Pro - Israel

Election in Netherlands today

'Far-right' pro-Israel populist Geert Wilders suddenly leading in polls

Curiously sharing the look of
'right-wing populists - long unruly hair'

with Boris Johnson, Donald Trump & Javier Milei

image of all 4 of them


At 22 November 2023 at 14:46 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dutch election winner Geert Wilders, 'anti-migrant' and 'anti-Islamist'

Photo, Geert Wilders wearing kippah in Jerusalem at the 'wailing wall'

Wilders' ancestors include individuals named Goldman and Meijer, tho this article says they were likely 'non-Jewish', as well as discounting that Wilders is part Indonesian

Much of Wilders' family had lived in Indonesia. Geert's brother Paul Wilders says that their grandmother was Indonesian, and that Geert Wilder's wife, Hungarian Krisztina Marfai, has some Turkish ancestry. 'We are all migrants', says Geert's brother

Photo, wife Krisztina alongside Geert Wilders

At 23 November 2023 at 10:46 , Blogger llifthrasir said...

Geert Wilders if of jewish descent. A fact he tried to keep secret but which was found out a long time ago. As a young man he worked in a kibbutz in Israel and his favorite country is Israel. Frequent visitor of Israeli embassy in the Netherlands has many wondering if he is Mossad. 37 seats left many voters in the Netherlands flabbergasted. But with woke, genderideology, climatechange, and one party addressing Truths having 6 men at the top to vote for, there are few alternatives. Also so many parties now that the entire system is very fragmented, devoid of power. Geert Wilders emerged from the VVD. The VVD had a female from Turkish descent, married to an Israeli, denouncing muslim policeagents to wear any kind of headcover and just did not touch many hearts. A curious reply from the Turkish community that the Dutch are racist. Turks known for their oppressive behaviour towards their women. Also for years controlled by Erdogan through the Grey Wolves. And after many decades not inclusive in dutch society, devoid of any cohesion with other dutch. Except of course for a few intellectuals. As scandinavian research proved Multicultural societies are a complete failure. The consequence of the Geneva Convention. Enforced by whom. He promised his voters to leave the EU And proves to be a liar for all of a sudden his entire rude tone has changed and he wants to be buddies. He refuses do pay money to Ukraine. Cannot wait what will happen to that promise. He promises he will deport many maroccans and other muslims. But he first has to succeed in forming a cabinet. In the Netherlands often very difficult to do. Many Dutch embarrassed about what just unfolded. Personally i feel devastated, shocked to the core. If you want to know this man's true colours watch his docu Fitna, which is how it started. Leading to the murder of Van Gogh.


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