Saturday 4 November 2023

Israel's allies realise everyone hates them?

The Holocaust - Jews versus Jews?

'Israel's' allies shying away from 'unconditional support' 

: The Financial Times 4 November 2023

It has become increasingly difficult for governments allied with the Israeli Nazis to turn a blind eye to their numerous war crimes in Gaza.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's recent call for a "pause" in the Israeli bombardment has underscored how allies may be shifting from providing unconditional support to the child killing Jewish Nazis.

After meeting with  Netanyahu on Friday, Blinken expressed that “we need to do more to protect Palestinian civilians.” 

(Blinken knows that Netanyahu's false flag has increased anti-semitism 100%)

The top Nazis were of Jewish origin and worked alongside fellow Jews Churchill, Roosevelt etc.

"Israel" is obviously uninterested in any such advice, as it bombed an ambulance convoy departing from Al-Shifa Hospital heading to the Rafah border crossing.

(Israel claims an ambulance contained Osama bin Laden's friends?)

Another massacre instantly followed the convoy's bombing, resulting in dozens of Palestinians killed or injured.

France is also scheduled to hold an international humanitarian meeting for the civilian population in Gaza on November 9.

The Israeli occupation itself is not invited, even though the Palestinian Authority is.

Brazilian President Lula da Silva declared that genocide was taking place in Gaza, declaring that "it's not a war, it's a genocide."


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