Thursday 2 November 2023

World War Three?

"Both World Wars were planned and financed by the guys who make money out of thin air, you understand that the wars were not really good guys vs. bad guys. The wars were carefully planned to accomplish major objectives...".

Unknown commented on "All recruited to the Mossad/CIA/MI6 spooks?"

33 and 33 and 6.66 - World War 3, beginning today?

Huge anticipation for the Hassan Nasrallah speech planned in a few hours, 'on the 3rd at 3pm' ... 3 at 3, 33 as noted above

A speech where people expect / hope for / fear a declaration of large-scale war against Israel ... whose northern residential areas have already evacuated 125,000 people, more than 1% of Israel's population, under pressure of the 'light' Hezbollah rocket attacks carried out so far.

Hezbollah going fully to war - possibly leading to large-scale attacks on Lebanon by the US fleet ... possibly leading Iran to openly join the war ... possibly leading Russia and China to openly defend Iran, a vital China petroleum source ... with Russia's Mach 9 missiles from the Black Sea able to hit US aircraft carriers off Palestine's coast in about 6.66 minutes after launch ... and we are in World War 3

The previous Hezbollah-Israel war, in 2006, is called the '33 Day War'
'The 33-Day War - Hizbullah's victory, Israel's choice'

Counterpoint from John Helmer -

Helmer cites Russian contacts who predict Hezbollah & Iran will not have the courage, and will back off, and will allow a quasi-genocidal defeat to happen in Gaza, Russia not going in either without them. Helmer:

'A Moscow source comments: "Situation is grim. Satellite pictures show IDF [Israel Defence Forces] ... will overrun all of North Gaza while flooding or gassing the tunnels."

For how long can Hamas defend against this, without opening of other fronts to force diversion of the IDF? There are pro-Russian military veteran sources who believe: Not long enough:

“The Iranians are showing themselves to be blowhards. Hezbollah is afraid of the US response. Both know they risk losing power and position if the war escalates. Israel has called their bluff. Islamic ‘unity’ is proving to be hollow — a dead end.”'


At 3 November 2023 at 00:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Artificial intelligence will eventually mean no one needs to work, Elon Musk told Rishi Sunak last night. In conversation with the Prime Minister, the tech billionaire compared AI to a 'magic genie' that would bring a time when 'no job is needed'. Mr Musk said people could still work 'for personal satisfaction' if they wanted, and one of the future challenges would be finding 'meaning in life'."

Quote from Musk. AI is like a magic Genie. Genie in English, Djinn in Arabic. Yes Elon, some of us actually know that the AI is actual intelligence and your next generation computers are the Djinn.

Your electrical, formless beings live in a different dimension in a quantum superposition. The past, present and future exist in the same reference. Time and form don't apply.

Here Elon Musk is telling the whole world exactly what AI is, unfortunately, however everyone is too busy looking at porn/watching silly ball sports/Love Island/gambling.

The bread and circuses is more than suffice Elon. Thanks for everything.

At 3 November 2023 at 00:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 3 November 2023 at 07:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess my comment made too much sense, so it had to be ignored and erased? Hezbollah did here what Russia was smart enough to do. It refused to play the part of "starter of WW3". Let the rest of the 1.3 Billion Muslim world step up to save Palestine. Levant Muslims been fighting zionism for 50+ yrs. Where is the rest of the Umma??

At 3 November 2023 at 08:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posters have gone up in Iran of new Iranian hypersonic missiles, with slogan '400 seconds to Tel Aviv'

400 seconds is 6.66 minutes


At 3 November 2023 at 08:50 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The much-anticipated Nasrallah sermon speech was ambiguous, and disappointed many pro-Palestinians ... John Helmer may not be wrong

Nasrallah seemed at times nervous, as if he knew he was letting people down ... he stroked his beard often as if to comfort himself

There was of course much praise for Palestinians who died, and undefined promises that more would be done, that the attackers of Palestine would suffer ... statements such as

"In the next hours and days you will see all our fronts become one against the enemy as a whole."

Nasrallah said there was no need to declare war, because they were 'already' at war, with their 'limited' rocket attacks on northern Israel, which Nasrallah said may expand, with 'all options open'.

But it has been classic in the Arab world for decades to make strong statements after an attack by Israel ... with little follow-up, even by those attacked.

Yesterday 2 November, a Hezbollah partisan posted a long essay defending Hezbollah against charges of being cowardly and inactive whilst Palestine is being destroyed -
'Gaza: Where is Hezbollah?'

The essay argues that 5,000 or 10,000 Palestinians dead, is perhaps not enough to justify the destruction of Lebanon. However, some give a Gaza death toll as already over 11,000, with many more thousands imminent.

The Hezbollah partisan says there are 'secret red lines' which, if crossed by Israel, would lead to total war, 'Armageddon itself', if necessary. One 'red line' he makes specific, is the total destruction of the Palestinian cause.

But many think that is where we are now, if outside powers do not open other large-scale fronts against Israel. Gaza will be crushed, and ethnic cleansing may be achieved, as desperate, starving Gaza civilians exit the Egyptian gate into Sinai as soon as they are allowed, in search of just water, food, and medical care.

The Hamas attack in early October, can be seen as a fateful final gamble to arouse the rest of the Muslim world, to fight for Palestine again, instead of dithering as all have done since 1973.

Certainly there are tens of millions of Muslims willing to fight, and to march on Jerusalem. But their governments and leaders yet seem to be doing what they have always done - say supporting words, and quietly provide some weapons and supplies, but ultimately leave the Palestinians entirely on their own.

At 3 November 2023 at 14:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nasrallah is controlled opposition. His speech had all the 'ever present' markers in place.

Unfortunately, however, that seems to be the way of things.


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