Friday 3 November 2023

Comment - Missiles, Nasrallah ...

Re: the Iran poster. It was debunked by META. The mural was done in June 2023 well before the Hamas attack. The address @cimosad - is a clue as to who is trying to stir up trouble.

Nasrallah clearly said Iran had nothing to do with the Hamas attack. He clearly said, despite Israel using white phosphorous in Lebanon destroying 40,000 ancient olive trees - that escalation would mean too many deaths. 

Master Masons have backed down from WWIII. Also the world's first Ai generated news - hours before the speech predicted Nasrallah would not declare war. Ai also said that Bibi should not resort to a ceasefire. 

Ai is running this war. It has no soul so good strategy would be to hold 2 million hostages. To bomb an ambulance close to Gaza's biggest hospital - to show WE CAN DESTROY ALL. 

Simple mafia tactics now run by Ai. 

My Taliban sent me the summary of his speech as they interpreted it.

● In case of a regional war, US ships and the air force will pay a heavy price
● Preparations have been made to destroy all U.S. naval assets
● The Al Aqsa operation was an independent decision by Palestinians
● If Israel bombs our civilians, we will bomb their civilians, how they act will determine how we will act
● Yemen and Iraqi forces will intensify their attacks on US and Israeli assets
● USA should remember its humiliating defeats in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan


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