Sunday 12 November 2023

Hamas Attack staged.

Henry Makow

Hamas Attack Was Staged by Israel

(US photographers knew about the attack but the IDF didn't?)


The Washington Post
Exclusive: A senior Ukrainian military officer with deep ties to the country’s intelligence services played a central role in the bombing of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline last year, according to officials in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe.
6:05 PM · Nov 11, 2023


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I agree. How did the Hamas paragliders know that the music festival had been moved to a new location? 2 days before it was elsewhere. They landed with pinpoint accuracy. Also the Balfour Agreement expired on 31 October 2023 - Bibi needed a big distraction. “State of Israel” was incorporated this year, in Companies House in London as a ‘new business entity'. Company & Corporation - Israel registered themselves as a corporate entity in 1947. You cannot register a Corp twice under the same name in 2023 after 70+ years and it be accepted. Which means on October 31st Israel as a cooperation will expire. Once a corporation is formed, it is a legal entity that exists separately from its owners. This means that it has its own name, tax ID number, and legal rights and obligations as a corporate structure. Israel is bankrupt. When you are in that status you have zero contract rights. Balfour Declaration 1917 / on 31.10.2023 this declaration will expire. Could have meant the finish of israel - Did Bibi time the Hamas attack to give him leeway to invade Gaza. Also see:

At 12 November 2023 at 02:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not the only fake event recently........

Tommy Cockles and his Shekel Posse were bussed in for the big day (literally) and yet another 'childlike psy-op' to be played on the brain dead masses.

All week the 'fake-stream' media has had the Palestinian mob in the cross hairs.  However, the attention focused on them (including unkind remarks from Cruella Braver-jinn) were never the intended target.

The target being an opportunity to brand 'whitey' as the hate-filled right wing extremist was the real target.  Tommy Cockles and his 'lads' were there under the guise of protecting the Cenotaph whilst the glare of the worlds media were able to witness the 'shameful scenes' of hooligans attacking the Police (for absolutely no apparent reason).

The crappiest, fakest most rubbish, lame duck hooligans I've ever scene.  A truly pathetic (staged for the cameras) psy-op. Fat tossers kicking barriers and gesticulating at the Police with some well placed football style chants.  Clownworld would be lapping up this 'foie-gras' garbage wholesale.

The Police have adequate powers to stop a handful of buses en-route (which they could have) and unmask any individual concealing their faces under current legislation.  I use the word UNMASK very deliberately.

After looking at various bits of footage from the days events, what was abundantly clear is the fake rubbish was so bad you could barely piece together a couple of minutes worth of action of the 'far right' doing far right stuff.  However, let's not have truth get in the way of a good story.

Last week it was the Palestinian Hate Marchers, this week Tommy Cockles and his far right tripe.  May as well demonise everyone equally though.  I digress.  Back to Tommy Cockles and the Engerland mob.

Footage in the Daily Fail showed barriers being kicked over by the mob,  a thirty second clip from Sky News of this event 'threw up' some seriously interesting footage.  At least 3 of the fake 'Far Right' were wearing prosthetic masks (yes, seriously).  The mob also had a number of 'officers/hooligans' wearing concealed body armour.   Concealed body armour is easy to spot when you've worn it yourself.  Ouvert body armour is heavier and designed to be ballistics proof.  Covert body armour is worn under jackets (obviously), however leaves a visible shape at the shoulders.  It makes the wearer a little more rotund too.  By it's very nature it is a little lighter but still visible.

So, the painfully 'thin on the ground' footage shows at least one shot of individuals wearing prosthetics and others wearing concealed body armour playing the roles of the far right and Tommy with his Shekel Posse.

The other bit of footage (that I watched) showed Officers also wearing concealed body armour (playing the role of the hooligan) at the north side of Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park.  One of the rabble rousers in his bestest Mockney accent shouts "oi there's some Moozies over there".  Just as well they were being followed by 300+ members of the Press and about the same numbers of Plod.  You honestly couldn't make it up........oh wait, they did.

The 'Moozie spotters' then kicked the 'Boris Bikes' the Moozies were sitting on and offered up a bit more pushing and shoving to give it the seal of authenticity.  Meanwhile, the main march was coming past the US Embassy which is near Vauxhall Bridge on the South Bank.  (Just for fun) The US Embassy is situated at 33, 9 Elms Road, London, about 500 metres from MI6.  No doubt there will be a tunnel linking the two so the rats can scurry between them.

I've seen hospitals hit with airstrikes that are still standing, I've seen body bags piled up with corpses that suddenly move.  I've seen Ham-ass attack the Israeli military without any retaliation and now fake protests to further shape the thinking of the terminally gullible.  What next - one wonders.

Another day in Clownworld, another fake reality.


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