Thursday 26 October 2023

Mind controlled patsy in Maine FALSE FLAG?


Anonymous has left this comment on the post 'Mass Shootings':

Maine USA alleged mass shooter of at least 22 dead

- again 'known to authorities', he was 'on their radar'
- had been in psychiatric 'care'
- had been given psychiatric drugs
- long involved in advanced military firearms and 'operations' training
- had been 'training Ukraine fighters'

new twist
- had been given 'extra strong government hearing aid appliance'
- began to 'hear voices' with new hearing aid

Intended to distract from GAZA?

Quote during livestream of police siege of house with shooter possibly inside -

"When do you think they'll go in?"
"They won't go in until they feel they have at least some intelligence."
... long wait perhaps


it's a wider problem

in China with almost no civilian guns, these things happen with knives, with sometimes similar casualty numbers ---

aggressive deranged men with knives kill and wound as many as 15 before being stopped
censorship prevents us knowing how many 'snap' this way in China

in Chicago USA for many years, despite guns everywhere, the most common murder weapon was the baseball bat
- no ballistic evidence tying to a particular gun or gun type
- weapon easily burned in fire, no legal evidence remaining

In Latin America, where most countries have 3x-5x the murder rate of USA ... much crime outside of the drug cartels is only with knives and clubs ... London now going in that direction

notable idea -
'authorities allow, indulge and sponsor crime, as a form of elite guerrilla warfare to destabilise the commoner population'


At 28 October 2023 at 01:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

alleged Maine shooter Robert Card has been 'found dead by suicide with TWO gunshot wounds to head'

just like brave journalist Gary Webb in 2004

For the Maine incident, news stories were quickly changed from the 'two suicide shots' to one, but Bing was still showing 'two shots' in search summary

striking Fox News TV screenshot of Maine 'shooter found dead' announcement by officials
faces seem very suspicious
two happy smiling laughing politicians
four law enforcement looking sceptical


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