Wednesday 25 October 2023

Just asking for a friend.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post 'Wikileaks releases moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada desert':

Oddly enough people (in todays works) are happy to believe (without doubt), that:

1. 911 was an inside job and not the worst terror attack ever.

2. Gulf of Tonkin incident was a lie and a false flag to start the Vietnam war.

3. JFK didn't die at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald and that the event was (at best) a deep state assassination.

4. Epstein didn't commit suicide in jail, again, (at best) was murdered.

5. NASA didn't send anyone to the moon, can't get there and never will.

6. Indian moon tripe (see above).

7. Rather than Nazis disappearing into 'thin air', maybe Operation Paperclip had something to do with their disappearance.

8. Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction and couldn't possibly fire them in 45 minutes and hit the UK.

9. COVID was a terrorist operation run by the world governments with partners in large corporations and people are still dying in huge numbers after being coerced into an injection of toxic shite.

10. False flag terror events have taken place on every continent and Muslims blamed for the events (see current incarnation).

How very strange that all of the above, people are absolutely convinced that all or most of the above is undeniably the case. That the government/deep state have lied about event after event after event.

It therefore begs the question, who told us we live on a spinning ball?????

Oh, the same people that told us all of the above happened as they described and is therefore true and any deviation from their truth means you are a conspiracy theorist.

Wait a minute, they also told us we used to be a fish, turned into a monkey and there are 100 genders.

Do you think it could be possible that they might be lying about that also????
Just asking for a friend.


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