Tuesday 19 September 2023

Russell Brand With His Cuddle Buddy And "Beautiful Person" Yuval Noah Ha...

Unknown commented on "RUSSELL BRAND & EMILY MAITLIS"

"While Maitlis, Mandelson, Epstein and Maxwell are all Jewish, it is unclear if the same applies to Jonathan Ross’s close friend — and the other object of Maitlis’ affections — Russell Brand"

Nah, he's Goy. For no apparent reason the powers that be (on this occasion) decided to 'sponsor a Goy'.

A bit like 'take your daughter to work day'. If it looks like a duck and quacks - it's a J...

Russell Brand has had a seemless run at everything he has done. I remember him from his MTV days 'smashed out his face' at festivals interviewing folk.

If yer 'oan telly - nowaday', chances are you are sponsored to death. Brand has always been actor. He studied his trade at Italia Conti Academy like many others.

His list of ex-girlfriends (the known-knowns) are very well quoted A Listers too.

You don't break-in to those circles by chance. You move freely like Brand does because his status is evidently higher than we're lead to be believe. Bit like Saville.

A short video of Brand and his pal Yuval Noah Hari.



At 19 September 2023 at 01:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Neil Oliver and RSE Membership being effectively cancelled.

At 19 September 2023 at 14:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems the light may be reaching dark corners. I was wondering, Is he a victim of that progress, or a sacrificial manipulation. Your contribution to my solution is appreciated.


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