Monday 11 September 2023

Indonesia - BRICS

Mobile restaurant, Jakarta.


Indonesia put off joining BRICS and Russia-China ... 

So they maybe won't have much outside help resisting Western manipulations. China might take the long view, letting the West be influential for now, coming in later after the West declines.

Al Jazeera:

"Indonesia’s absence from bigger BRICS echoes decades of non-aligned policy. Indonesian President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo has said he does not want to ‘rush’ membership of the economic grouping.

Indonesia might seem like a natural fit to join an expanded BRICS ... The Southeast Asian nation of more than 270 million people could rank among the world’s top five economies by the middle of the century.

Indonesia’s decision to stay out of BRICS despite its similarities with other emerging economies reflects longstanding wariness of being entangled in geopolitical alliances as well as uncertainty about the economic benefits membership would bring, analysts say.

Yohanes Sulaiman, a lecturer in international relations in Bandung, said there was “no benefit” for Indonesia to join BRICS. Sulaiman said that it made more sense for Indonesia to be part of groups like ASEAN with its neighbours"


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