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Jewish Oligarchs - Ukraine - Umerov, Pinchuk, Kholomoisky ...


Unknown commented on "UKRAINE MINISTER OF DEFENCE"

Rustem Umerov
is linked to  -

- Jewish oligarchy of Ukraine engaged in turf battle

- Jewish oligarchy of Russia close to Putin

- US State Dept / CIA asset cultivation

Detailed Slavland Chronicles page on this, also with several striking photos of Umerov:

Umerov is said to be of a Crimean Tatar Muslim family, born in Uzbekistan.

"Russian sources say Umerov is very corrupt and was stealing money for many years when he was involved in the energy industry in Ukrainian Crimea and using mafia tactics to strong-arm opposition to his crooked schemes. Then, while working for the State Property Fund, he stole lots more."


Umerov is apparently an ally of Jewish Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk (above)

"As far as we can tell, Pinchuk is the West’s favored oligarch in Ukraine at the moment ...


And has managed to get his rival oligarch, Igor Kholomoisky, who sponsored Azov and got Zelensky elected, to flee to Israel. 

Umerov is part of Pinchuk's party, so we can interpret his appointment as a sign that a new gang of criminals is muscling out some of Kholomoisky’s boys."

Umerov is also linked to Jewish oligarch Roman Abramovich ... and thus also to Putin!

"Umerov is rumored to be good friends with Putin’s good friend Roman Abramovich. We know that Umerov is very tight with Rinat Akhmetov - Umerov's old business partner [In Turkish mobile company Turkcell - Lifecell] - who we also know was close to Abramovich."

In the March 2022 secret negotiations in Turkey which nearly ended the Ukraine war, before the peace deal was sabotaged by Boris Johnson and the West -

Rustem Umerov was representing Ukraine, and -

Roman Abramovich was representing Russia and Putin

Umerov was sponsored for a USA scholarship program known as a CIA recruitment vehicle ...

"Umerov was chosen at a young age to be an American asset." He was invited to take part at Stanford in the FLEX Future Leaders Exchange Program - scholarships to US universities - run by the US State Department.

"Umerov opened several foundations and public organizations controlled by the United States. To create 'movements' of the Crimean Tatar people."


"In 2013, Umerov founded a charity programme to help train Ukrainians at the prestigious Stanford University in the US ... But the defining part of his identity are his Crimean Tatar roots and the role they can play in Ukraine's firm intention to return Crimea."

Tho BBC also claims, unlike the Russian sites, that "Umerov has not been accused of corruption, embezzlement or profiteering"

There are selfie exhibitionist nude videos apparently of Umerov circulating on Telegram, half-censored screenshot included at top link.

Slavland Chronicles cynically frames that,

"The reason why anyone gets a job in the government at all anywhere is to steal money and provide kickbacks to one’s bosses who got them the job in the first place."


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Slavland Chronicles talks often of how in most respects Russia and the West are the same and even largely collaborating, aside from the narrow frame of Russia's LGBT restrictions / pro-traditional family & gender / pro-traditional religion.

For example:

'Russia's University System is Run By George Soros and His Henchmen'


'About 30% of Russia's Elites Want to Surrender to the West'

Russian elites being significantly Jewish, and sometimes other ethnicities such as Armenian. Many in Russian elites wish to return to the old days of free frolic in Europe.

Apparently being in the CIA-linked FLEX US scholarship spook programme like Umerov, does not hinder advancement in Russia. Another graduate of FLEX is Margarita Simonyan, the Armenian-heritage young head of RT RussiaToday news, who reportedly said:
"You do understand that, if [actually] free elections were to be held in Russia, the fascists would win and would hang us all?" (By 'fascists' she means the far-right Russian nationalists like Strelkov, versus Western-engaging Russian elites such as herself.)


'Alex Jones Interviews With Russia's #1 TV Zionist Vladimir Soloviev to Own the Nazi-Globalists!'

"Both Jones and Soloviev are Zionists and support the 'conservative' faction of ethnic globalists and claim that Chabad-types are allies in the fight against Bill Gates’ Nazi-Satanism"

Tho unlike Soloviev, Alex Jones is quite the LGBT supporter and has favourite trans-gender guests.

And though Jewish Soloviev senior is a major Russian voice against LGBT, his son Daniil Solovyov, works as a model in London, and sometimes appears in women's clothing and make-up, some of those photos here

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