Monday 11 September 2023


Will the CIA put Probowo into power?


Documents passed anonymously to MintPress News reveal the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a notorious CIA front, is laying the foundations for a color revolution in Indonesia.

In February 2024, citizens will elect their President, Vice President, and both legislative chambers.

Current leader Joko Widodo,  is ineligible for a third term, and NED is preparing to seize power in the wake of his departure. 

NED  extends its tendrils into various NGOs, civil society groups, and, most crucially, political parties and candidates across the ideological spectrum.

Endowment cofounder - Allen Weinstein - openly admitted in 1991:

A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”


Joko Widodo – he was born and raised in a riverside slum in Surakarta. 

Every step of the way, Widodo has battled bureaucracy and corruption while pursuing programs to deliver universal healthcare, economic growth, radical infrastructure development, and material improvements to the lives of average citizens. 

Such is his domestic popularity that analysts routinely speak of the “Jokowi Effect.” After the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle named him their presidential candidate in 2014, their vote share leaped 30% in that year’s legislative election.

Widodo pursues an intensely independent foreign policy, much to the U.S. Empire’s chagrin.

Joko Widodo

In many ways, Widodo emulates the rule of Sukarno, Indonesia’s first President, from 1945 to 1967.

Sukarno’s bold refusal to bow to imperial interests made him a thoroughly marked man. In 1965, he was ousted in a blood-spattered military coup sponsored by the CIA and MI6, ushering in 30 years of an iron-fisted military dictatorship led by General Suharto. 

Over one million people were killed through politically motivated massacres, executions, arbitrary imprisonment, and savage repression. 

(Kit Klarenberg is an investigative journalist and MintPress News contributor exploring the role of intelligence services in shaping politics and perceptions. His work has previously appeared in The Cradle, Declassified U.K., and Grayzone. Follow him on Twitter @KitKlarenberg.)


At 11 September 2023 at 14:51 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 11 September 2023 at 15:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indonesia put off joining BRICS and Russia-China ... so they maybe won't have much outside help resisting Western manipulations. China might take the long view, letting the West be influential for now, coming in later after the West declines.

Al Jazeera:

"Indonesia’s absence from bigger BRICS echoes decades of non-aligned policy. Indonesian President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo has said he does not want to ‘rush’ membership of the economic grouping.

Indonesia might seem like a natural fit to join an expanded BRICS ... The Southeast Asian nation of more than 270 million people could rank among the world’s top five economies by the middle of the century.

Indonesia’s decision to stay out of BRICS despite its similarities with other emerging economies reflects longstanding wariness of being entangled in geopolitical alliances as well as uncertainty about the economic benefits membership would bring, analysts say.

Yohanes Sulaiman, a lecturer in international relations in Bandung, said there was “no benefit” for Indonesia to join BRICS. Sulaiman said that it made more sense for Indonesia to be part of groups like ASEAN with its neighbours"


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