Friday 8 September 2023

Cash strapped Brits selling their cars

How cost-of-living crisis is forcing Brits to sell their cars: More than 2.8million drivers have sold due their vehicles to spiralling food, petrol and energy prices

According to a new study from Motorway, 11% of Brits have been forced to sell their motors because of the rise of costs for everything from bills, rent, food and, of course, car costs such as MOTs and even fuel. 


At 8 September 2023 at 05:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

they'll fit right in with Smart 15 Minute cities. Wont need those vehicles anyway

At 8 September 2023 at 05:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the same time many in small towns and countryside absolutely need a car, the need made more severe by cuts in available train and bus services. People with low incomes in these areas typically have some very old, modest vehicle, needed just for family shopping or if someone must go for medical care.

And then we have this madness promoting the expensive, in-fact-not-very-'green', electric cars, with their electronic monitoring of all you do whilst motoring. Electric cars where you will need to install expensive modification to your home's electric system, in order to have adequate charging capacity.

Memorable statistic on ZeroHedge - an American home charging an electric car, is using as much additional electric power as having 25 refrigerators!

At 8 September 2023 at 06:00 , Blogger Unknown said...

About time to start telling politicians that they answer to us, not to banksters, the WEF, US billionaires, Saudi potentates etc etc.

At 8 September 2023 at 13:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: “At the same time many in small towns and countryside absolutely need a car”


In respect of the globalist elites pushing for ‘Net Zero’ (this new-ish phrase signifying a radical step change from the previous stated target of ‘sustainability’) their motivation is most certainly *not* any genuine concern for the environment; for the principles of conservation & stewardship of nature, in support of a cleaner, greener, more just world.

Not at all.

Such impulses toward conservation and socioeconomic justice, if the elites had them (which they most decidedly do *not*!) could be considerable admirable, depending on how expressed. (Often competing priorities & needs have to be balanced, and economic growth may sometimes be necessary to raise living standards for the nonwealthy, even at the expense sometimes of generating some pollution, noise & the loss of pristine landscapes, etc )

No, in fact, at the top, the global elites care NOT A JOT about the oceans, marine life rainforests, tree canopy, birds, polar ice cap, endangered species … and least of all about the mass of humankind: gentile, Muslim, Jewish or other.

Rather, the cynical drive to ‘Net Zero’ is about the gargantuan fortunes the global elites are obtaining (not earning) from flogging goods & services compliant with the new ‘eco’ legislation & artificially constructed ‘eco’ opinion. Crooked laws, crooked tendering processes, crooked contracts, crooked monopolies, that embody crooked, nepotistic governance, & crooked, nepotistic business practices.

‘Net zero’ is equally about *controlling* the mass of humanity & squeezing we ‘peasants’ (the 99%) into ever smaller & tighter living spaces with fewer & lower-quality amenities, in order that the global elite can enjoy 99% of the world’s geographical space & natural resources for themselves.

Further, it’s about degrading & humiliating we ‘peasants’ (the 99%), by pushing us to eat bugs, GM foods, laboratory ‘meat’,, and whatever else they tell us to eat, buy, wear & consume from one week to the next (‘for the good of the environment’) lol.

Communicating to us — the ‘peasantry’ — that we’re not worthy of flying abroad on holiday or indeed flying anywhere, for any reason…

That we don’t merit owning a car or travelling by means other than a pushbike…

That we don’t have a right to have as many kids as we desire…

That we have *no right* to want to live in a decent-sized house with a backyard or garden, close to amenities, and places of interest & beauty…

That we don’t deserve to heat & cool our homes to comfort level…

That we don’t merit eating a pork chop or another ‘taboo’ food group…

That we have no right to enjoy affordable fashion or other frivolous consumer goods as & when we choose to…

That watering our gardens on hot days is some kind of a sin, as evil as having kids, flying on a plane, driving a car, eating chicken or sliced bread, buying a plastic toy, or Christmas decoration, living in a house, taking a long shower, wanting to be governed by a sovereign & accountable national government, or turning up the central heating in winter so we don’t feel frozen.

The global elite want us ‘peasants’ to feel permanently guilty, to feel permanently *ashamed of ourselves* for merely existing & for (as they see it) ‘stealing their oxygen’, living space & natural resources.

For the global elites are convinced that only *they themselves* are entitled to be comfortable on this planet. And this by virtue of the fact that they are more brazen, devious, shameless, immoral and downright dangerous & violent.

‘Might is right’, is their belief system. Physical power, the power of money, plus guile, avarice, and treachery (psychopathy), marks out the ‘fittest’ who alone deserve to thrive & live comfortably on this planet… or so they believe.

Leave all of the comforts of the world to us global elites, ‘peasants’!

Even as ‘they’ need ‘us’ to continue generating their mind-boggling stores of wealth & luxury for them, they absolutely detest us. They know they need us, and they hate us even more for that.

At 8 September 2023 at 13:40 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This land is YOUR land! This land is MY land! This land is OUR land!

This world belongs to YOU and ME! God gave us this entire world so that every single one of us would be well fed, well housed, well clothed, well rested, warm enough, cool enough, safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy.

Don’t apologize for insisting on having your fair share of what God or Nature gave every single one of us as our birth right!

Don’t ever let the global elites make you feel abashed for wanting kids, a nice home, a car, ‘unnecessary’ travel & daytrips, the combustion engine, nice clothes, cool appliances, domestic and foreign holidays, airports and flights, parks & open spaces, national sovereignty, real democracy, plentiful consumer goods, real money, central heating, air conditioning, real meat, unhealthy food, processed food (if that rocks your boat!), free speech, free media, free thought, and whatever else you see fit to enjoy as a child of earth fully entitled to your fair share of everything. God or Nature gave it to all of us. We, the people, own this world in its entirety, and we, the 99.9% must absolutely *insist* on retaining every resource & every freedom that we own by right of birth.


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