Monday 19 June 2023

Ukraine, Johnston, Russia

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Ukraine war blogger 'Simplicius' adds some detail to the account of how Boris Johnson & NATO, convinced Zelensky to scupper the March-April 2022 peace deal, under which Russia would keep the territories with Russians in Donbass and Crimea, Ukraine would stay out of NATO, and the war would end.

Apparently they pitched Zelensky with the notion that the USA & NATO would supply such amazing 'wunderwaffen' - 'wonder weapons' - that Zelensky would become immortal in history, as someone who defeated the Russian Empire as no one else did.

But the NATO 'wonder weapons', such as the HIMARS mobile rocket launchers, and the Leopard tanks, have only prolonged the war, the Russians meeting the challenge even despite USA-NATO space & air surveillance superiority. 

HIMARS units are being gradually destroyed, and Leopard tanks now too even more readily. Poorly-trained Ukrainians are killed in huge numbers by a Russian military with more ammunition, helicopters & planes, & better-trained troops in large numbers.

Moscow has been occupied 5 times before ... If he knew history, Zelensky should have thought, how even for those 'conquerors', Russia grew stronger each time ... the creation of modern Russia itself, described as a reaction to war with the Mongols

1238 - Mongols burn and pillage Moscow, and Muscovites will pay tribute to Mongol rulers for much of the next 242 years, until Tsar Ivan III 'the Great' begins to defeat them in 1480

1382 - Mongols burn and pillage Moscow again in response to early Russian rebellions

1571 - Tatar Khan of Crimea, Devlet I Giray, allied with the Ottomans, sets Moscow on fire and takes many prisoners ... but the war then turns against the Tatars, and Russia eventually annexes Crimea itself in the 1700s

1610-12 - Poles occupy Moscow and put a Polish tsar on the Moscow throne, but then are driven out, and in less than 200 years Poland does not exist
'Polish Occupation of Moscow' on YouTube

1812 - Napoléon occupies Moscow which Russians have evacuated and burned, and leaves in only 5 weeks, his army defeated by hunger and the Russian winter

1941 - Hitler's Nazi soldiers get to within 30 kilometres of the Kremlin at Khimki, reaching a railway station with a tramline to Moscow, Reich soldiers climbing a building & able to see Moscow towers through binoculars

'Moscow Tram Stop' was a 1957 book by Nazi army doctor Heinrich Haape, about how 'We almost got to Moscow'

Monument at Khimki near the Moscow ring road, marking the furthest point of 3rd Reich advance


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