Saturday 8 April 2023

Yemen Peace

Anonymous comments -
Saudi Arabia has announced its decision to end the war in Yemen

A delegation of Saudi and Omanis are set to pave the way for ceasefire and permanent cessation.

Riyadh informed the Presidential Leadership Council of its decision to end the war and conclude the Yemeni war permanently over.

Reportedly, they made a deal with Ansarullah to extend the current truce for another year, and then enter a transitional phase of 2 years.

The port of Hudaydah will be reopened and after the transition phase, Ansarullah will consult with the Yemeni government and the UN how to move forward with a formal peace treaty.

Iran and Saudi Arabia and now Yemen and Saudi. 

It looks as though there's a seismic shift in ME politics. 

A ceasefire has been mooted for Ukraine and Russia around summertime. Given Finland has just joined NATO perhaps there's some mileage in Ukraine yet. A welcome turn of events in Yemen nevertheless.


At 9 April 2023 at 18:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, less need for Saudi to buy expensive US weapons, eh? The warmongers Stateside won't like that one little bit....


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