Wednesday 5 April 2023


Sturgeon says she had 'no prior knowledge' of arrest

Unknown commented -

High level corruption in Scotland continues?

“… Police Scotland delayed their investigation into SNP corruption for the duration of the SNP Leadership election campaign. That campaign was triggered by Sturgeon’s sudden resignation, which was itself precipitated by her being told by Police Scotland the investigation was going to proceed …

“[Consequently] the high profile searches today at the Murrell family and other domestic properties in Scotland, and at SNP HQ, are a charade. They have had a month’s warning to destroy any evidence, should any alleged crime have been committed.

“[And] by delaying Murrell’s arrest … Police Scotland … influenced the outcome of the SNP leadership contest. By pausing their investigation, Police Scotland gave the Murrells time to get their self-proclaimed ‘continuity candidate’ in place. Had the investigation and thus arrest not been delayed, ‘continuity’ would have looked a great deal less attractive to the SNP membership …”


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