Monday 3 April 2023



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Humza Yousaf, First Minister of Scotland

1. “The SNP party machine did everything to get Humza elected, with the now huge payroll vote swinging into action from the start … Party HQ lied to the media and the world repeatedly about membership numbers, hiding the depth of Sturgeon’s failure, to the obvious benefit of the ‘continuity candidate’ …”

2. “The use of culture wars … was systematic and deliberate.”

3. “… GCHQ were brought in to ensure the cyber-security of the voting.”

4. “After all this bias, for Humza to get less than 50% on first preferences, and then get over the line by just 52% to 48%, was really quite remarkable …”

The future?

“[The] fundamental criterion, indeed the only criterion, for inclusion as a minister by Humza appears to be enthusiastic support for Gender Recognition Reform in its pure and ideological form.”


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