Sunday 2 April 2023

Humza Yousaf's SNP to lose power.

'A bombshell opinion poll conducted after Humza Yousaf became First Minister shows the SNP are at risk of being booted out of power after 16 years.

'The Sevanta survey for The Scotsman is an utterly devastating blow for the Nats as it shows the best results for Labour or any opposition party and the worst for the SNP since 2016 with Scotland now on course for a hung parliament.

'If the forecast becomes a reality, the SNP would have 46 seats, with Labour on 42. The Tories would have 24 MSPs, the Greens 10 and the Lib Dems seven, reports the Scottish Daily Express.'


At 2 April 2023 at 07:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jewish Ukraine President Zelensky arrests Christian Metropolitan (archbishop) Pavel of Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Photo of Ukrainian police humiliating the archbishop and putting a monitoring device on Metropolitan Pavel's ankle


Al Jazeera:

"A court in Ukraine’s capital has sentenced a top religious leader to house arrest, according to his church, amid hearings into whether he glorified invading Russian forces and stoked religious divisions.

In a statement on Saturday, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) said the Kyiv court also ordered Metropolitan Pavel to wear an electronic bracelet."

At 2 April 2023 at 07:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgive me for pointing out what has been pointed out previously (and also what is actually pretty obvious).

There are those who struggle to accept that the UK spy agencies and their foreign partners do everything within their (considerable) powers to derail the Scottish independence movement.

The doubters aren’t ready to believe that intelligence interfered in the 2014 referendum; identified Nicola Sturgeon early in her career as first minister material and steered her rise to the top; helped orchestrate the political downfall of Alex Salmond; identified Hamza Yousef as first minister material early in his career and steered his rise to the top; and at every turn strategically deployed spurious wedge issues, propaganda, slanted journalism, crooked polling, and more, to chip away at the ‘official’ level of support for Scottish independence.

But the doubters must ask themselves this,

If the first priority of MI5/MI6, GCHQ and subsidiary agencies and front organisations (assisted by Five Eyes partners) is not to protect the National Security of the ***United Kingdom*** by any means necessary, legal or illegal, what do the doubters suppose is the raison d’etre for these covert organisations, anyway?

And if maintaining ***territorial integrity** is not the first principle of National Security, what on earth is?

At 2 April 2023 at 07:55 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And if maintaining ***territorial integrity** is not the first principle of National Security, what on earth is?

Maintaining and furthering the interests and objectives of the "globalist " financial oligarchy out trumps any national interest.


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