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“I cannot work out what the sinister and pagan Green Man is doing on King Charles’s Coronation invitation.

“Has someone perhaps mistaken him for a symbol of the Green movement?

“If you think he is just a charming survival from our ancient woodland past, then read KINGSLEY AMIS’s brilliant, gripping novel The Green Man …”

“On 21 April 1971 Lord Longford had announced his motion in the House of Lords to form a Committee to inquire into Pornography …

“‘Our committee, if over-large included many notable figures … [The] Archbishop of York, Dr Coggan, later Archbishop of Canterbury, joined us on his own initiative. So did one of the leading law lords.

“‘So did TV stars like CLIFF RICHARD and JIMMY SAVILE.

“‘So did KINGSLEY AMIS and his then wife Elizabeth Jane Howard …

“‘Most valuable of all, perhaps, was Professor Norman Anderson … My great friend Malcolm Muggeridge joined us …”

[p.153, ‘Avowed Intent’ Lord Longford’s autobiography]

Born in 1922, Kinglsey Amis lived with his parents at 16 Buckingham Gardens southwest London from infant to early teenage years.

Born in 1875, Aleister Crowley lived with his mother at 7 Polworth Road southwest London as a young teenager.

Separated by many decades, but curiously spending part of their childhoods just 1.9 miles apart.

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They snuck a poster about trans kids into the new Spider-Man trailer

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Jeffrey Epstein-linked chief of JPMorgan suggests government seize private property to quicken climate initiatives

“In his annual letter to shareholders, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon suggested that the US government and [corporations] may have to SEIZE CITIZENS’ PRIVATE PROPERTY to enact climate initiatives …

“Dimon [said] ‘governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations’ may need to invoke ‘Eminent Domain’ in order to get the ‘adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives.’

“‘Eminent domain’ is a legal term that describes the government using its power to expropriate private property for public use, provided the government provides private owners proper compensation.

“In his letter … Dimon made the case that it might be time to justify eminent domain in America to ease the climate crisis [sic]. According to the CEO, such drastic measures may be employed because time is short.

“‘The window for action … is closing,’ he said, [adding] his concern that the ‘ongoing WAR IN UKRAINE is roiling trade relations across Europe and Asia and redefining the way countries and companies plan for ENERGY SECURITY’ …

“The CEO justified this potential government and corporate seizure of public property, saying that ‘we simply are not getting the adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives.’

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon to be deposed on alleged knowledge of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking

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“Dalai Lama kissed an Indian boy at a #Dharma event and even tried to tongue kiss the boy who then resisted.”


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‘AI automation spells ONE-THIRD OF A BILLION LAYOFFS in US and Europe alone’

“Walmart, the largest private employer in the US, revealed [plans] to automate a large swath of its stores and warehouses within a three-year timeframe … [It] threatens to displace millions of jobs …

“… [The] mega-retailer with more than 1.6 million US employees said: ‘By the end of Fiscal Year 2026, Walmart believes roughly 65% of stores will be serviced by automation [and] approximately 55% of the fulfillment center volume will move through automated facilities …

“Meanwhile, Goldman’s Jan Hatzius recently told clients that ‘… generative AI could expose the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs to automation’ as up to ‘two-thirds of occupations could be partially automated by AI.’

“Translation: ONE-THIRD OF A BULLION LAYOFFS (at least) in the US and Europe …

“…. [Where] is the inflection point where mass layoffs translate to an abundance of angry folks?

“We suspect the government would implement universal basic income to keep the future laid-off masses from gathering in the streets.”


Were masks in hospitals a waste of time? Hated NHS policy made 'no difference' to Covid infection rates, study finds


Donald Trump arraignment judge donated funds to Joe Biden

Judge Juan Merchan, the judge overseeing Donald Trump’s criminal case in New York, donated $35 in political contributions to Democrats in 2020, including a $15 contribution to the campaign of Trump’s opponent, President Joe Biden.

“The political donations are undoubtedly small, but they nevertheless raise questions about Merchan’s impartiality …

“‘While the amounts here are minimal, it’s surprising that a sitting judge would make political donations of any size to a partisan candidate or cause,’ said Elie Honig, a senior CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor …

“Stephen Gillers, a legal ethics professor at New York University, said that New York, like most US jurisdictions … PROHIBITS judges from ‘soliciting funds for, paying an assessment to, or making a contribution to a political organization or candidate.’

“‘The contribution to Biden and possibly the one to Stop Republicans [a subsidiary of the Progressive Turnout Project] would be forbidden unless there is some other explanation that would allow them,’ Gillers said …

“Asked if this could be grounds for a legal challenge or recusal, Gillers said, ‘Absolutely not. This does not come anywhere near the kind of proof required for recusal’ …”



US resumes bio lab program in Ukraine

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Green solutions ‘a gigantic scam’

“British economics professor Mariana Mazzucato in September 2020 warned that ‘In the near future, the world may need to resort to lockdowns again — this time to tackle a climate emergency’.

“The World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the World Health Organization have also published articles stating their intent to ‘fight climate change’ by shutting down society.

“Climate change is [being] used to explain away food shortages, justify the need to move people from the countryside and suburbs into smart cities, and promote the replacement of beef with insects …

“Indeed, dietary controls, energy control, carbon restrictions and climate change are increasingly tied together, whether it makes sense or not …

“If the WHO ends up having sole power over global health, combining health, climate and energy issues into one will automatically give the WHO the de facto power to seize control over society in general …

“That the WHO will jump at the opportunity to implement climate lockdowns in particular can be seen in the WHO ‘Manifesto for a healthy recovery from Covid-19’ …

“This manifesto also lays out many other aspects of The Great Reset agenda, including smart cities, travel restrictions, new food systems, a complete transition to green energy and more. But again, the thing that will really facilitate all of these changes is to have a centralized powerbase, and that is the WHO …

“[While] pollution is a reality that needs to be addressed, the solution the totalitarian cabal is offering is a gigantic scam designed to disempower and control everyone but the ones at the very top of the power pyramid, while accomplishing little …

“Wind turbines, solar panels and electric-everything is touted as the answer … yet most of these ‘green’ solutions are far more environmentally destructive than oil and gas …

“So, are the globalists stupid? No. They’re fully aware they can’t replace all gas-powered cars with EVs, be it by 2030 or 2050 … Forcing states and countries to transition to EVs merely speeds up the end goal of preventing you from owning a car and driving anywhere …

“… [We] are being ushered into carbon slavery … Bill Gates has alluded to this double-standard in responding to those who criticize him for the hypocrisy of being a serious polluter himself, with a 66,000 square-foot mansion, a private jet, 242,000 acres of farmland and investments in fossil fuel-dependent industries …

“Focusing solely on carbon reductionism also misses the point that lands, forests and ecosystems are more than just the carbon stored in them, and putting carbon conditions on small farmers will only make environmental injustices worse …”


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