Friday 7 April 2023


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Jim Stone is talking about how alternate media sites are being slowly crushed, noting how:

- alt-media sites are being erased or downgraded in search engines
- alt-media sites existing for many years, suddenly have less traffic

- absurd ridiculous false stories go 'viral' and are promoted, but sites with well-sourced facts and questions are being hidden

- alt-media sites are suffering interruptions and shutdowns


- alt-media sites are being unfairly labelled as 'spam' by internet companies, so -
- people who send links to others of alt-media, have their e-mails deleted or put in a spam box

- people who post online links to alt-media are being blocked, or having their posts 'shadowbanned' so that few see them

- people who send messages to alt-media sites, are having their e-mails erased, both parties not knowing messages are being suppressed

It seems this may only get worse

It may soon be just a memory, of days when we could read and connect with dissident minds on the internet


At 7 April 2023 at 11:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the leading dissident venues in the last few years has been Substack, ranging from near-establishment figures like Glenn Greenwald and Seymour Hersh, to most of the leading vaccine critics

Elon Musk and his Twitter are partnering with Greenblatt's ADL to shut it all down

'Twitter now disables likes, replies, and retweets if a tweet has Substack links'

'Antisemitism, False Information and Hate Speech Find a Home on Substack'

At 7 April 2023 at 11:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia announced its decision to end the war in Yemen a delegation of Saudi and Omanis are set to pave the way for ceasefire and permanent cessation.

Riyadh informed the Presidential Leadership Council of its decision to end the war and conclude the Yemeni war permanently over.

Reportedly, they made a deal with Ansarullah to extend the current truce for another year, and then enter a transitional phase of 2 years.

The port of Hudaydah will be reopened and after the transition phase, Ansarullah will consult with the Yemeni government and the UN how to move forward with a formal peace treaty.

Iran and Saudi Arabia and now Yemen and Saudi. It looks as though there's a seismic shift in ME politics. A ceasefire has been mooted for Ukraine and Russia around summertime. Given Finland has just joined NATO perhaps there's some mileage in Ukraine yet. A welcome turn of events in Yemen nevertheless.

At 7 April 2023 at 12:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cancer and heart disease vaccines ‘ready by end of the decade’

Exclusive: Pharmaceutical firm says groundbreaking jabs could save millions of lives

At 7 April 2023 at 12:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

By hook or by crook, they want us all dead.

At 7 April 2023 at 12:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, wait, not all of us, ‘just’ a significant proportion of us. The homeless, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the ‘trouble makers’, the jab refuseniks, the peace mongers, the naysayers, those regarded as ‘surplus to requirements’.

At 9 April 2023 at 02:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, you won't win if you try and fight these behemoths through the courts - they will always win, as they buy politicians, buy judges and buy MSM editors and wordsmiths. The only way is to shut down your accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and the like and never click through to ANY link which directs you to those de-platforming platforms. It needs hundreds of millions of people in the NATO countries alone to affect such sites, but they can't stop you refusing to engage with them, can they?


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