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Leviticus sees homosexual behaviour as evil and suggests that active homosexuals should be executed.

Alfred Kinsey (1894 – 1956) was an American professor of entomology and zoology who, in 1947, founded the Institute for Sex Research.

Alfred Kinsey suggested that most people are a mixture of homosexual and heterosexual.

The opponents of Alfred Kinsey are the people who love Leviticus.

Kinsey Reports


The chief opponent of Kinsey is a Jewish woman called Ann Reisman.


Kinsey biographer James H. Jones wrote that unless new evidence to the contrary becomes available, Reisman's claims that Kinsey may have witnessed or personally participated in child molestation under the guise of scientific research should be considered groundless.[8]

The Southern Poverty Law Center has described Reisman as a  promoter of "sexual pseudoscience" in regard to her views on Kinsey.[11] 

John Bancroft stated:

Reisman's campaign against Kinsey was described by Morton Hunt (1999) as follows: "To use smear tactics, methods of intimidation, and political trickery to achieve what one considers a moral end, is to live by the principle that the end justifies the means." (P. 209.)[12]

Selective quotation, exaggeration, and outright lies are time-honored tactics of the Right. Judith Reisman has long circulated the calumny that Alfred Kinsey conducted sexual experiments on infants at his institute; she offers no substantiation.[18]

— Judith Levine

The FBI could not find any felony committed by Kinsey.[19][20] 

According to Robert Knight in The Washington Times: "she was cast as a careless, right-wing fanatic." He noted that she was scorned even by "conservatives who were afraid of guilt by association."[54]

The 1948 first edition of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, the first of the two Kinsey Reports

The sociological data underlying the analysis and conclusions found in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male was collected from approximately 5,300 males over a fifteen-year period.

Sexual Behavior in the Human Female was based on personal interviews with approximately 6,000 women. 

It has been suggested that some data in the reports could not have been obtained without collaborations with child molesters.[5] The Kinsey Institute denies this charge.

It acknowledges that men who have had sexual experiences with children were interviewed.

The reports state that nearly 46% of the male subjects had "reacted" sexually to persons of both sexes in the course of their adult lives, and 37% had at least one homosexual experience.[12] 


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Finland will officially join NATO TOMORROW, says military alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg

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Humza Yousaf, First Minister of Scotland

1. “The SNP party machine did everything to get Humza elected, with the now huge payroll vote swinging into action from the start … Party HQ lied to the media and the world repeatedly about membership numbers, hiding the depth of Sturgeon’s failure, to the obvious benefit of the ‘continuity candidate’ …”

2. “The use of culture wars … was systematic and deliberate.”

3. “… GCHQ were brought in to ensure the cyber-security of the voting.”

4. “After all this bias, for Humza to get less than 50% on first preferences, and then get over the line by just 52% to 48%, was really quite remarkable …”

The future?

“[The] fundamental criterion, indeed the only criterion, for inclusion as a minister by Humza appears to be enthusiastic support for Gender Recognition Reform in its pure and ideological form.”

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Phillip Schofield and the Lord Alistair McAlpine set-piece

Phillip Schofield’s friendship with Lord Alistair McAlpine’s brother

Upon joining Twitter in 2009, ‘Jimmy Savile addressed his first tweet to Phillip Schofield’

“Jimmy Savile wasn't the only person of interest on board Cunard's Queen Elizabeth during its [maiden Round Britain trip in September 2011]. Phillip Schofield was on board, too.”

“This is what he said of the Savile cruise at the time: ‘On Twitter, Schofield said he was as excited as a 10-year-old to be shown the banks of computers and the tiny joystick which control the 92,000-ton ship. Thanks for looking your best, Phillip; wouldn’t do to look scruffy on a ship launched by The Queen.’”

Phillip Schofield suggests Jimmy Savile may have been wrongly accused

“… This Morning host Phillip Schofield questioned how it would have been possible for Savile to take teenage girls into his dressing room at BBC TV Centre undisturbed … Schofield said: ‘I know the layout of those dressing rooms, I know the way a production team works. I know that you're seldom ever left alone in your dressing room, there's always someone knocking on the door. And one of these girls says that it was dozens of times. So if there was a 14-year-old girl who was abused dozens of times, what was she doing in his dressing room, and would no one have known?’”

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linda sarah @iamlindasarah
Replying to @Schofe

“Being born Jewish - and believing in the rights of those who are oppressed - including Palestinians, I demand you apologise to @jeremycorbyn! He's NOT anti-Semitic - and your interview is nasty and embarrassing … This Jewish gal is sick of people using a mythical anti-Semitism as a weapon to promote their agendas …”

“Things got heated on This Morning on Tuesday after Phillip Schofield pressed Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on the anti-Semitism issue in Labour …

“‘This is your opportunity now to apologise to the Jewish community for any anti-Semitism from Labour members’ [said Schofield] …

“The two began talking over each other as Phillip pressed the leader to say sorry and Corbyn repeatedly asking the This Morning host to 'wait a minute' …”

At 3 April 2023 at 20:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life's What You Make It By Phillip Schofield · 2020

“I met Jimmy Savile a number of times over my career. He always remembered me. The last time I saw him was at the launch of a new cruise liner. I was on board with my wife, Steph. He was standing alone, looking old, at the top of the grand staircase, and I introduced him to Steph. He bowed low and kissed her hand, said he was proud that I’d done do well, ***that he’d followed my career with great interest.***”


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