Saturday 14 January 2023

YOUR COMMENTS - Piers Morgan, Ukraine, Germany

 Anonymous -

Piers Morgan the epitome of what is wrong with the MSM? 

Note in the footage below how 'he stifles debate preventing David Kurten from bringing some much needed facts to the attention of the audience.

'Note how the opposite is true when the paid for "experts" bring up their misleading talking points...'

'Discussing' the Ukraine conflict on Piers Morgan Uncensored

'Years ago, during an investigation, we identified Piers Morgan as an Israeli destabilization agent, working against Britain. This is the opinion of a group of trained intelligence personnel and is purely opinion based on highly skilled analysis. 

'Morgan is just an embarrassment. I watched him yesterday interviewing a Trump critic, bullying, using his normal tactics, big lies, broad unsupported statements, hogging the microphone and dripping, not of bias, but of Deep State slavishness.

'As long as people like Morgan and Boris Johnson are around, and so many others, it is time the term “Great” be removed and we begin using something more appropriate, perhaps being kind: “Cartoonish Britain.”'

Preview YouTube video 'Discussing' the Ukraine conflict on Piers Morgan Uncensored

'Discussing' the Ukraine conflict on Piers Morgan Uncensored

 Piers Morgan what he would like you to forget

BBC: Editor sacked over ‘hoax’ photos

Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked after the newspaper conceded photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake. In a statement the Mirror said it had fallen victim to a “calculated and malicious hoax” and that it would be “inappropriate” for Morgan to continue...

However one of the Mirror’s informants – Soldier C – said there had been abuse in Iraq.

The Territorial Army soldier has been questioned by Royal Military Police after talking about his claims to the Daily Mirror.

On ITV’s Tonight With Trevor McDonald he said: “It did go on, it wasn’t all the army, it wasn’t systematic but it did happen.” ...

“According to one report Mr Morgan refused the demand to apologise, was sacked and immediately escorted from the building,” he said.

Anonymous :

Rheinmetall sensibly opts for staying out of Ukraine conflict ?

BERLIN (Sputnik) - German defense company Rheinmetall has 22 Leopard 2 tanks and 88 Leopard 1 tanks, but it would take about a year to prepare them for shipment to Ukraine, CEO Armin Papperger said on Sunday.

"We still have 22 Leopard 2 units that we could put into operation and deliver to Ukraine. As for Leopard 1, we have about 88 of them. But we cannot repair these tanks without a contract, because the costs amount to several hundred million euros. Rheinmetall cannot offer preliminary financing to this," Papperger told German media.

Leopard tanks need about one year to be prepared to be shipped and put into operation, the businessman said.

"The vehicles are not only repainted but also rebuilt for usage during wartime. They are completely disassembled and then reassembled. This means that even if a decision is made tomorrow that we can send our Leopard tanks to Kiev, the delivery will take place no sooner than the beginning of next year," Rheinmetall's chief said.


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