Saturday 14 January 2023

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As Davos gets underway this Monday the 16th - We learn that the ultra-wealthy who fly on owned or chartered private aircraft, are demanding UN-vaccinated pilots and air crews for themselves 

Interviewed by Maria Zeee of Red Voice Media, veteran Australian pilot Alan Dana confirms on video that this is happening - 88 second clip


(There are lots of beds in the old hospital in Dumfries and lots in the 4 cottage hospitals that have been closed. The SNP seems to be run by Bill Gates?)


At 14 January 2023 at 07:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Vaccine Injured Journey—Where are they now? (Vaccine Damage—Real People)

At 14 January 2023 at 08:41 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tuberculosis a gift from the front in Ukraine.

Cue the next pandemic ?

Douglas Macgregor – Russia Major Victory in the East

At 15 January 2023 at 05:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plane crash just now in Nepal, flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, at least 68 dead
video of plane descending before crash - out of control as if pilot had a heart attack ... vaccinated?


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