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Jason Jenkins

US REPORT: Prince Charles' FOUR love children 

GLOBE names Charles' alleged love children as:

Jason Jenkins, 33, who looks like Prince William. Jason's mother is a Canadian who allegedly had an affair with the Prince during his marriage to Diana. 

Janet's proof lies in the 'love notes' Charles wrote to her during their affair. 

Gordon, 41, a wealthy businessman in Hanover, Germany, was reportedly conceived during King Charles's days as a Royal Navy Officer. 

GLOBE claims financial documents prove Charles is Gordon's father.

Laura Davies, 43, claims to come from Charles' affair with the daughter of an English aristocrat. 

Simon Dotante-Day, 51, is an Australian who has been insisting for years he is the love child of  Prince Charles and his current wife Camilla

Al-Hakam ii (961AD-976)

Al-Hakam II was the openly Muslim homosexual ruler of Al-Andalus (now Spain).
He openly kept a male harem, which he took everywhere with him during his reign.
Carrying the legacy of his father, his son Hisham II did the very same.

The gay royals from history that you aren't taught about at school



At 18 September 2022 at 15:12 , Blogger WaffleStaffel said...

Mmm... It's worth pointing out that most of these royals were/are also crypto-Jews.


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