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Arlyn Dunetz married John Lee Bottom in 1969, and in 1970 River was born.

The family joined a religious cult called The Children Of God.

The Children of God is said to be a CIA mind control cult.

It is said to be involved in the sexual abuse of children.

River and family.

What are the 

River Phoenix conspiracy theories


Anonymous said...

Adam Kokesh openly admits that he is Jonathan Brandis?

River Phoenix is now Mark Dice?

Is this River Phoenix?

What about the - 

River Phoenix 'conspiracy' theories

In 1993,  'squeaky clean' River Phoenix allegedly died at the age of 23, after allegedly collapsing outside Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room.

Among the 'bizarre' theories is that River was either murdered or faked his own death.

River had claimed that he hated  drugs and Hollywood culture. 

River allegedly collapsed from an overdose of heroin and cocaine outside the nightclub owned by Johnny Depp.

'Many people questioned the events of that night with River being so opposed to drugs. 

'It is alleged that the autopsy showed a lack of needle marks on his body.'


River's girlfriend Samantha Mathis accompanied him to the club to drop off his little brother and sister.

The Guardian

Another theory is that River didn't overdose but was murdered, perhaps by the CIA cult.

Another theory is that River faked his own death to live a quiet life.

His mother Arlyn revealed to Esquire: "He often said he wished he could just be anonymous."

Mark Dice.

Some have claimed River was enthralled by the world of espionage and thought the only way to shed his  identity and become a spy was if the world thought he was dead.

Some have even suggested that after 'faking his death', River resurfaced as a political activist named Mark Dice, who writes books about the Illumaniti.


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