Thursday 30 June 2022

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Rachel Reeves
NEW: We’re now seeing the longest decline of UK incomes ever. It’s sapping household spending and leaving us exposed. The Tories are failing working people. All they offer are stagnant wages, low growth and higher taxes. We need a stronger economy.

Wednesday 29 June 2022



Above, we see Nelson Mandela who died in prison in the 1980s, and we see Nelson Mandela's body double.

Abu Hamza and his body double have different ears.

Abu Hamza was married to British citizen Valerie Fleming, a Roman Catholic.

In 2014, in the USA, Hamza, or his double, was found guilty of eleven terrorism offences and sentenced to life in prison.

Abu Hamza is said to have worked for the UK security services.

Abu Hamza 'secretly worked for MI5' -

Above, we see Herman Goering (left) and his body-double (right) who was put on trial.

On the left, we see Himmler, and on the right we see his body double.


Himmler was the boss of the Gestapo, as well as the boss of the SS.

Hugh Thomas' 2001 book The Unlikely Death of Heinrich Himmler provides evidence that the 'Himler' who died in British custody in 1945 was not the real Himmler.

The Unlikely Death of Heinrich Himmler | The Independent.

There is evidence that Himler was allowed to escape.

MI6's Kim Philby and Anthony Blunt, both of whom had links to Victor Rothschild, were reportedly involved in a cover-up.

The 'body of Heinrich Himmler', 1945.

Reportedly, Himmler had Jewish roots.

Himmler's grandparents were Johan Himmler and Agathe Kien.

Himmler neice, Catharine Himmler, married an Israeli

Himmler's SS cooperated with the Haganah, the Zionist underground military organization in British-run Palestine.


Martin Bormann is supposed to have died in 1945.

But the real martin Bormann survived.

Reportedly, "Bormann lived under an assumed identity in England until 1956 before dying in Paraguay in 1959."

Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann's son was in Israel in April 1993.

A Quiet Visitor to Israel: Martin Bormann's Son - New York Times

Richard Jones from Kansas City (above right) spent 17 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Jones was released from prison after the police found that he has at least one lookalike (above left)

Jones had been convicted as the result of an eyewitness account.


Richard is on the right and his lookalike is on the left.


In the photos of Youssef Zaghba below, the nose and ears look different.

Youssef Zaghba

Note the teeth.

Note the teeth.


Youssef Zaghba

Are the security services using a photo of the young Mohamed Atta?

Above, we see the young Mohamed Atta.

The original Mohamed Atta is the architecture student born in Egypt and last seen in Hamburg, Germany. He had his passport stolen in Germany in 1999.


The imposter Mohamed Atta is the guy who played Mohamed Atta in the United States.

A Mohamed Atta attended International Officer's School in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Mohamed Atta in the USA reportedly spoke Hebrew and liked lap dancers and pork chops.

Mohamed Atta - Welcome to Terrorland.

Above, we see the original Marc Dutroux, the child kidnapper who is suspected of having worked for the security services.

Note the concave nose.

Above, we see the 'Marc Dutroux' who is apparently held in prison.

Note the convex nose.

Above we see Marc Dutroux, or his body double, with a convex nose.

Above we see the snub-nosed Adrian Elms, the alleged Westminster Bridge attacker.


Above we see 'Adrian Elms' the alleged Westminster Bridge attacker.

Above we see a March 2016 picture of 'Anders Breivik' with a narrow, straight (or concave) nose.

He has small ear lobes and relatively small chin.

The real Breivik has big earlobes and a bulbous nose.

This is Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

Above we see 'a policeman' allegedly killed in Paris. Some believe that he is actually an agent of the security services.

Above we see 'a soldier' allegedly killed in ottawa. Some believe that he is the same agent of the security services that was used for the false flag attack in Paris.


Above we see the fake Saddam Hussein who was put on trial.

Above we see the real Saddam Hussein.

Saddam worked for the CIA.

Above we see that Dylann Roof appears to have no obvious moles on his face.

Above we see what appears to be Dylann Roof's body double, a person with obvious moles?

Adam LANZA is Ryan Lanza.

Peter Lanza and his son.

Some people believe that Peter Lanza had only one son, Adam, who then changed his name to Ryan. There have never been any photos of 'Adam' with 'Ryan'.

Above, we see Blonde Elliot Rodger.

Above, we see Dark Haired Elliot Rodger.

Reportedly, there was a Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans and at the same time as there was a Lee Harvey Oswald in Japan.

There was a Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico who looked nothing like the Lee Harvey Oswald who became famous in Dallas.

Mohammad Sidique Khan's double?

The Mohammad Sidique Khan who taught at Hillside primary School in the UK looks different from the Khan who appears in a fuzzy and jumpy video claiming to be one of the London Bombers of 7/7.

Above RIGHT , we see Kasab, the patsy blamed for the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Above LEFT, we see Kasab's double. 



A second little black book that reportedly belonged to Jeffrey Epstein has just been discovered.

The book is from 1997 and contains 349 names.

More than 200 of the names listed in the new book did not appear in Epstein's book from 2004/2005.

New entries include several of  Donald Trump and Melania Trump's associates, and the wife of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

Melania's close pal, Suzanne Ircha –  Suzanne Johnson after her marriage to Woody Johnson – is among the new entries.

Woody Johnson was Donald Trump's ambassador to the UK.

Supermarket magnate and Trump acolyte John A. Catsimatidis is listed.

Business tycoon and billionaire Carl Icahn is in the book.

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    Lynn Forester — future Lady de Rothschild — has EXTENSIVE entry in Jeffrey Epstein's 1997 directory

    Numbers for her homes in New York City and Martha's Vineyard, hotel, office, cell, vehicle, and lawyers:

  3. Anonymous

    Extensive listings for ISABEL GOLDSMITH

  4. Anonymous

    3 Kennedys in 'Epstein's 2nd Black Book'

  5. Anonymous


    The late Princess Diana's friend is in 'Epstein's 2nd Black Book'.

    Rosa Monckton joined Lord Jacob Rothschild on the board of the Gilbert Collection Trust:

  6. Anonymous

    Lord Jacob Rothschild's billionaire business partner, DAVID ROCKEFELLER, is listed in 'Epstein's 2nd Black Book':

  7. Anonymous

    Zionist Ultra, LESLIE WEXNER -- co-founder of the Mega Group -- merits more than an *entire page* of entries in Jeffrey Epstein's '2nd Black Book':

    "The artist Maria Farmer contacted local and federal authorities about an assault she allegedly endured by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell while working as an artist-in-residence on Wexner's Ohio property in 1996."

    "In 1991, Wexner formed with billionaire Charles Bronfman the Study Group, which is more widely known as the Mega Group. The group was a loosely organized club of some of the country's wealthiest and most influential businessmen who were concerned with Jewish issues ... In 1998, Steven Spielberg spoke about his personal religious journey, and later the group discussed Jewish summer camps."

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