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Many Bilderbergers have profited from COVID-19[2]. This page lists over 100 Bilderbergers' roles in the COVID-19 event. Steering committee members (present and former) are underlined.

Virus R & D

Full article: COVID-19/Origins

A lot of evidence suggests that SARS-CoV2 did not occur naturally, but was genetically manipulated from a naturally occurring bat coronavirus and possibly parts of additional viruses[3]. Bilderberg members have done important work in developing the CRISPR gene editing technique:

Full article: Pandemic/Planning

Many Bilderbergers have experience at Pandemic Planning, and the group has been well represented at such exercises for at least 20 years.[8] Those with the most obvious ties:

Judith Rodin took part in the 2010 Lock Step exercise about using a pandemic to usher in high tech totalitarianism

Task Forces

Full article: COVID-19 Task Force

In Spring 2020, many nation states formed COVID-19 Task Forces, many of which had, or acted as if they had, "state of emergency" powers to override standard operating procedure.

National Task Forces

Mark Carney, Tri-national, quad-Bilderberger, Governor of the Bank of England until March 2020, when he became an "informal adviser" to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Other significant institutions have appointed Bilderbergers to their Covid or pandemic groups:

Social change

The "response" to COVID-19 was a sweeping set of social changes enforced by fiat, having minimal scientific justification, if any. They directly contradicted best practice up to 2020.


Full article: COVID-19/Lockdown

WEF tweet which was quickly deleted after it raised criticism.

Most nation states decreed what was termed a "lockdown", i.e. a drastic restriction of freedom of movement. This was in opposition to the 2019 WHO best practice guide for pandemics, which specifically advised against this practice. As of Summer 2021, there is little scientific evidence that these measures had any measurable impact on spread of COVID-19, but this claim remains part of the COVID-19 official narrative.



Full article: Mask

Bain & Company's instructions on how workplaces should change due to COVID-19
  • Dianne Feinstein - 1991 - In July 2020 proposed withholding COVID-19 relief from states without mask mandates.[30] Both she and her husband sold stock in Allogene Therapeutics in 2021 before the lockdowns.[31][32]

Social distancing

Full article: Social distancing
  • Orit Gadiesh - 19981997 - Chairman of Bain & Company, which was closely involved in directing government policy in various nations. In France it was entrusted by the government to steer the country's Covid testing strategy.[33] On 29 April 2020 it put out a guide describing how workplaces should change due to COVID-19.[34]

Track and Trace

Full article: Rated 3/5 Mass surveillance

Controlling the Narrative

George Soros, of The Good Club, is suspected to have been controlling the narrative through groups such as BLM


Big media

The non reporting of Bilderberg by TV or newspapers reveals that the group has considerable control of big media, which was mobilised to support the official narrative.

In March 2020 Shiraz Maher wrote a first hand account of his mild case of COVID-19

Promoting panic

Full article: COVID-19/Panic

Commercially-controlled media's coverage of COVID-19 was a more-or-less monotone echo of the fear-driven official narrative, while calmer, more scientific voices “were never invited to the expert table”, as the editor of Bild admitted in August 2021.[43]

  • Oliver Bäte - 2017 - A German businessman who made various alarmist statements about the virus, such as comparing it to a "worldwide meteor impact" or the explosion of a nuclear power station.[44]
  • Shiraz Maher - 2015 - A "Terror expert" who reportedly had a case of COVID-19 which was "classified as “mild” by British health authorities". Maher wrote a "horrifying account of his experience with COVID-19" which was picked up by the commercially-controlled media after it "went viral" on Twitter.[45]

Opinion polling

  • Renate Köcher - 2018 - A German pollster who researched attitudes to COVID-19 and was interviewed about them by corporate media[46][47]


Full article: COVID-19/Censorship
"I urge world leaders to fully support the Global Vaccination Strategy I launched with the World Health Organization last month. We need to get vaccines into the arms of 40 per cent of people in all countries by the end of this year — and 70 per cent by mid-2022."

Big tech is notoriously opaque in its censorship, which reached record heights in 2020/21 on the topic of COVID-19[49], as predicted by Event 201. Involvement in censorship is difficult to prove, but it seems likely that censorship was carried out with the agreement of (or at the behest of) the following chief execs:


Full article: “COVID-19/Vaccine”

Audrey AzoulayUNESCO Director general, "Every day, people are searching for a path out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, scientific international cooperation and vaccines have created hope that a brighter future is within reach..."[54]

The experimental gene therapies always referred to by commercially-controlled media as "COVID-19 vaccinations" received emergency use authorisations which could not have been given if alternative treatments were available. It was therefore necessary to sideline drug therapies.

Sidelining repurposed drugs

Jens Spahn was made German Health minister after attending the 2017 Bilderberg, rejected a donation of hydroxychloroquine in 2020[55] and stated that "vaccines are the way out of this pandemic"

Sidelining of drugs to treat the disease was a requirement for the granting of Emergency Use Authorisation of the experimental jabs. Many Bilderberg controlled groups, such as Médecins Sans Frontières, termed repurposed drugs "disinformation".[56][57]

Uncritical promotion

Dozens, perhaps hundreds of Bilderbergers have been actively promoting This list contains only the most fervent advocates and those with key jobs allowing them to throw large institutional weight behind such opinions:

“COVID-19 does not respect borders. No country will be safe until the people of every country have access to the vaccine.”
Audrey Azoulay [64]

“People act like they have a choice. You don't have a choice. Normalcy only returns when we've largely vaccinated the entire global population [against COVID-19].”
Bill Gates (2020)  [69]

R & D

The interviewer, John Snow covered his mouth after this remark, interrupted him, hesitated and did not ask any further questions.

Production & distribution

Full article: Operation Warp Speed

Clément Beaune announcing the vaccine strategy

Scapegoating of non-recipients

  • Maurizio Molinari - 2017 - Italian editor who had "Hunt for the non-vaccinated" on his front page on July 17, 2021.
  • Michael O'Leary - 2019-2015 - "If you’re not vaccinated, you shouldn’t be allowed in the hospital, you shouldn’t be allowed to fly, you shouldn’t be allowed on the London Underground, and you shouldn’t be allowed in the local supermarket or your pharmacy either."


Full article: COVID-19/Vaccine/Mandation

Bilderbergers have been both calling for and decreeing mandatory injections in response to COVID-19.

Ursula von der Leyen, a figure of great importance in COVID-19 event

Angela Merkel as German Chancellor stated that "the pandemic is not over until all people in the world have been vaccinated"

"Vaccine Passports"

Full article: Vaccine/Passport
Sidelining natural immunity

An especially obvious glitch in the official COVID narrative has been the refusal to admit that the scientific truth that natural immunity is far more durable than anything provided by the COVID jabs.

Great Reset

Full article: Great Reset

The Great Reset is an SDS attempt to reframe of economic inequality in a positive light: "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy". COVID-19 has greatly increased economic inequality as small and medium enterprise have been forced under while unprecedented peacetime increases in the money supply and corporate welfare have been doled out to a few large organisations.

COVID handouts

As President of the European Central Bank, spent at least €1,850 billion on an asset purchase program during COVID-19.[118]Declared intent to "vaccinate the whole world".[119]

Stephen Poloz speaking in March 2020.[130]
  • Stephen Poloz - 2014 - Took over from Mark Carney as Governor of the Bank of Canada. In late March 2020, announced a minimum $5-billion-per-week of market purchases of Government of Canada bonds, “to address strains in the government of Canada debt market and to enhance the effectiveness of all other actions taken so far.”[131] "We have taken several actions to unclog key lending channels, adding over $200 billion of liquidity, or around 10% of Canadian GDP. As I said recently, no one has ever criticized a firefighter for using too much water. When the system demands more liquidity, the central bank must provide it."[132]
  • Nout Wellink - 20102009 , 2006 - As ex-President of the Central Bank of the Netherlands, in March 2020, was promoting "Coronabonds".[133]
French Covid debt commission

France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex chose the French Covid debt commission to "steer the nation’s deliberations on the future of public finances in the aftermath of the pandemic." He is not known to have attended the Bilderberg, but 3 of his 10 commissioners have:[134]


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Young Global leaders, straight from Klaus Schwab's School.
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1300 members, you already know many of them

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Great reserch Ang. They have completely taken over the higher eschalons of the bee hive. Thankfully some of the plebs aren't as stupid as they think we are.

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Trudeau confronted by a brave woman


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From Jim Stone:

"Funeral director John O'Looney who blew the whistle on Covid vax deaths came up positive on a covid test, was immediately detained, kept under guard, and was somehow freed by friends. He is now out and talking after "they tried to kill him" with phony and hazardous treatments."

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Last summer I had a bunch of my books stolen. That drove me crazy. But I can replace the books. Now we all have lost an invaluable and irreplaceable site if it is not restored: the old aangirfan site! Its entries go all the way back to 2002. I have kept it in my favorites as a reference for ages. Now it is gone. It was there a couple months ago or so. Is anything being done about this? Is there another place on the web where it is stored in full? I would be very, very grateful to anyone who can provide an archive of the site for me. I found this all out yesterday. I tried to search for a very good site called PEU Report. It had disappeared from all search engines but Google. And even on Google, long headlines and involved sentences from the site would not register. It is another blogspot site and a very valuable expose of private equity machinations. Is there something we can do?

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Does this site accept anonymous comments anymore?

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That is a good list of the Higher ups. However there are many local people lower on the pyramid in our cities, that need to be exposed too.


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