Wednesday 28 April 2021


In China, the birth rate has continued to decline.

'That is partly because urban couples, particularly those born after 1990, value their independence and careers more than raising a family, despite parental pressure to have children.'

China set to report population decline

Boris Johnson has 7 children.

But, like Bill Gates, he wants the population to be decreased.

If the world copies the UK, the population will decline in size.

Some countries are now experiencing population decline, as birth rates and fertility rates fall below the replacement rate. 

Some countries are now experiencing population decline, as birth rates and fertility rates fall below the replacement rate! 

Bill Gates should stop worrying about how to reduce the size of the world's population. 

The UK's population problem was solved when the rich paid more tax and the welfare of the majority was improved. 

In Indonesia, parents whose welfare has improved, are now tending to have two children rather than twelve.

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Population is a difficult area to discuss, the trends are complex and quite vary amongst racial and ethnic groupings, and sometimes surprising

For European-heritage people, the more highly educated males, tend to have somewhat more children
Whereas European heritage, more highly educated females, tend to have fewer children

In Muslim lands, higher female education level is highly correlated with having fewer children

But in Western countries, the migrant populations, tho on a lower general economic level, tend to have many more children, than the European-heritage Westerners of the same low economic level

E.g., France is about 15%-20% immigrant heritage ... but 35% of all French births, are to non-European heritage families.

In the USA, children in schools are already less than 50% of European ancestry, they have essentially joined Latin America in demographic terms.

In population growth, sub-saharan Africa remains the major outlier, and population growth is still accelerating there. The extra billions of people on earth by 2100, may mostly be black Africans. Education of women, and economic growth when it occurs, seem to have less effect in Africa below the Sahara.

European-heritage whites were as much as 30% of the world two centuries ago ... now are less than 10%. Increasingly, people in Europe seeking to limit migration, cite UN and other statements on the right of indigenous cultures to maintain themselves.

In 1948 the UN defined a policy as 'genocidal' if it sought to limit births in a population (assumed to mean below replacement level) ... so the economic and social policies that keep people in countries from feeling secure enough to have children - including in Europe - are 'genocidal'?

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LCI Harris poll of French people -

45% expect civil war soon in France
49% think the military should intervene in France to secure order

This after the public letter of the 20 retired French generals and hundreds of officers warning Macron

Poll results chart, French original

Translation of above chart -

Per cent of French who agree with the 7 items below:

- French law does not apply in some areas of France 86%

- Violence is increasing every day in France 84%

- So-called 'anti-racism' is in fact producing ethnic hate in France 74%

- French society is breaking down 73%

- People have lost confidence in government because of how police were ordered to crush the 'yellow vest' protests 62%

- The army should intervene to guarantee order and security in France 49%

- France will experience civil war soon 45%


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