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Trump or Biden?


 Utopia was filmed in 2019.  

Its story revolves around a pandemic, a rush for a vaccine, and a massive conspiracy by a big pharma company.

A Pandemic, a Vaccine and Mind Control: The Prophetic ...

Over the decades, the debt-money component of the system has resulted in worldwide debt-slavery with virtually all governments in debt to the international private banking system. 

This served the immense wealth accumulation plans of those few in control of the system, but the system was ultimately flawed/unsustainable. 

These people have long planned to dismantle their flawed economic system and collapse society to the detriment of humanity, and clear a path/excuse for the introduction of their nefarious ideal – a technocratic authoritarian ‘reset’ of society and centralized one world government.

False and Deceptive UN and WEF Narratives – All Part of the One World Government Agenda of ControlBy Mark Keenan, October 30, 2020

2021 will be the year we start to pay for electing charlatans, fraudsters and scam artists into the highest office. Irrespective of your political alignment...

The mainstream media have turned on this government out of embarrassment. Even the Daily Mail and Telegraph have reported the catastrophic failures of Johnson’s government.

The right-wing Spectator Magazine, one of Johnson’s former employer’s headlines with – “Boris Johnson’s failed command and control administration.” In it, Johnson is accused of running the country ‘Soviet-style’ and that he, along with Gove and Cummings are merely political mouthpieces accompanied by a maniac, that failure is their destination and that the certainty of it is a price we will all pay. 

The Times also goes with a story that attempts to look on the bright side but concludes that the only thing we have left to weather the short term outlook is hope.

Dark Days Approach - TruePublica

As fake as Pizzagate.

Uri geller meeting Team Boris Johnson in Israel.

In the UK, Simon Dolan is pursuing a claim against Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson over the Lockdown restrictions.

The COVID-19 Lockdown rules are among “the most onerous restrictions to personal liberty” in almost four centuries - and have cost the UK economy £2.5 billion per day - the Court of Appeal has heard.

Lawyers representing businessman Simon Dolan told three senior judges that the regulations “imposed far-reaching restrictions on the lives and businesses of the entire population of England”.

Lockdowns cost economy £2.5bn a day and were worst affront to liberty since Cromwell, appeal court told


'Perhaps the biggest revelation Farmer made in her interviews with Webb was that Donald Trump was a co-conspirator of Epstein’s, to the point that Trump’s Czech-born ex-wife Ivana even assisted.

“Donald Trump’s ex-wife was always in the car (with Ghislaine Maxwell),” Farmer said of Maxwell’s procurement of high school girls in the Florida area and elsewhere.'… 

Henry Makow@HenryMakow·12h

"Today's SCOOP from France by Richard Boutry, ex-presenter on France TV and TV5 Monde - so he is a real professional journalist - no 'conspiracy' there. 



Hysteria and rushed laws 'more harmful than Covid', say UK campaigners


In the UK, leaked documents seen by Good Law Project set out special pathways by which “VIP” and “Cabinet Office” contacts could be awarded.

Exposed: Special procurement channels for 'VIPs' and ...



A New York Times op-ed declared, “Trump’s commission was considering recommendations that could transform this nation into a dystopian police state.


Donald Trump (right)

In April, Trump 'assembled a reopening task force to advise on how to safely reopen the country and stabilize the economy.'

Six months later, the panel has met only once, by phone.

“This was a sham, not a task force,” said Tim Schlittner, a spokesperson for the AFL-CIO, the country’s largest labor union.

US Election 2020: Trump slams lockdowns

On 28 October, "The Trump administration’s Covid-19 testing czar warned that local governments may be forced to impose “draconian measures” if Americans don’t start taking safety precautions seriously and the coronavirus crisis worsens.

“We still can control this” by wearing masks, social distancing and being careful around the holidays, Brett Giroir, the assistant secretary of health, said on NBC’s Today show.

Top Trump health official warns of 'draconian measures' if America doesn't mask up

NY Gov. Cuomo Reaped $6.2 Million In Campaign Cash 

"The Greater New York Hospital Association funneled $1 million to Cuomo's re-election through the state Democratic party in 2018.

That same year, the Association and the healthcare union, 1199SEIU, backed Cuomo’s healthcare “reforms” and spent $5.9 million lobbying in Albany.

"By February 2020, Cuomo appointed the Association’s past chair and board member Michael Dowling along with 1199SEIU President Dennis Rivera as co-chairmen of the “Medicaid Redesign Team.”

(State Medicaid was $4 billion in the red because of Cuomo’s accounting gimmicks.)

"Just six weeks before the governor’s appointment, Michael Dowling gave Cuomo a $5,000 campaign donation (12/14/19). (Dowling is also the CEO of Northwell Health – which received $10 million in state payments in 2019.)

"Twenty-eight days before the governor made 1199SEIU president Dennis Rivera co-chairman of his Medicaid Team, the union gave $15,000 to Cuomo’s re-election fund (1/6/2020).

"Since 2014, 1199SEIU backed Cuomo with political endorsements and $95,250 in campaign cash.

"Then, the pandemic hit. The Association and Cuomo’s healthcare power brokers/major campaign donors convinced the administration to transfer positive Covid-19 patients to nursing homes to relieve bed pressures on hospitals.

"An estimated 15,000 senior residents died in New York nursing homes even while the hospital association ran statewide advertising promoting Cuomo and the safety of hospitals."

The original and the photoshop.

Melania Trump (right) models for a January 1997 issue of France's Max Magazine.

COVID Coverage by Swiss Radio and TV. Peter Koenig’s Open Letter to the CEO of SRF

Attention ……. CEO, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)

You realize that there is not one SRF news program without covid being at the center.

Covid discussions appear even between news topics as special shows and discussion “panoramas”.

They are constantly alarming and aiming clearly at fear mongering.

New “cases” are reported almost on an hourly basis, how they double and triple in 24 hours, its astounding, really fear-inflicting; that we are in a second wave, that the hospitals are overflowing, that testing-testing-testing is key, so we can prevent others from being infected…


The pesticide Chlorpyrifos is a known neurotoxin

"Following the election of Donald Trump as president of the U.S., the proposed chlorpyrifos ban was scrapped. 

"In March 2017, in one of his first formal actions as the nation’s top environmental official, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt rejected the petition by environmental groups and said the ban on chlorpyrifos would not go forward."

Chlorpyrifos: Playing Pesticide Politics with Children's Health ...

A court case against Monsanto.

"One of the ‘BBC reporters’ at the trials was later revealed to be a “reputation manager” for FTI consulting who’s clients include Monsanto."

The Dangers of Environmental Toxins


The Head of Operation Warp Speed & The Gates Foundation
are pushing BioElectronics and Vaccine Patches

In mid-May 2020, Donald Trump announced he was appointing Dr. Moncef Slaoui, a former executive with vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, to lead Operation Warp Speed, the public-private partnership launched by the Trump administration to rapidly develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine.

Melbourne, Australia.


Trump in the presidential suite of the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow? 

Or a fake photo?

Photos can be faked.

"For their research involving the allegedly new virus SARS-CoV-2, they only used 37 base pairs from actual sample tissue and filled in the rest (around 30,000 base pairs) with computer generated sequences, i.e. they made it up! 

"The other of the COVID admissions is equally as stunning: after testing they found that SARS-CoV-2 could not infect human tissue."

COVID Admissions: CDC Scientists 

Videos of empty test centres.

Where are the figures coming from?

"Sheldon and Miriam Adelson poured $75 million in September into a new super PAC that supports Donald Trump. Way more money than other donors, on either side.

"As Trump himself said last month, his foreign policy has been “good for Israel.”

I withdrew from the last administration’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal. So good for Israel. So good that we did that. 

"His list of pro-Israel actions includes moving the embassy to Jerusalem, defunding the UN refugee agency serving Palestinians, closing down the Palestinian mission in Washington, recognizing Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, giving legal validity to Israel’s colonization of the West Bank...

Adelsons got a lot from Trump for $75 million

Earlier the IMF kicked off the show with a warning that the poor countries of the world are heading for a catastrophe from the pandemic slump, leading to defaults on the debts that their governments and companies owe to investors and banks in the ‘global north’.

"According to the IMF, about half of Low Income Economies (LIEs) are now in danger of debt default. ‘Emerging market’ debt to GDP has increased from 40% to 60% in this crisis."


Another fake?



According to former UK Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption -

Lockdowns and other Government-imposed Covid curbs contain all the ingredients of totalitarianism

Orders to remain at home and rafts of new laws to restrict what people can do amount to a 'breathtaking' infringement of democratic rights.

Ministers have been exceeding their rightful powers.

Ministers have been using the police to suppress opposition to their policies, creating new criminal offences without the legal right to do so, and grabbing unconstitutional powers by issuing misleading guidance.

The methods used by ministers will undo the unity of society and will lead to long-term authoritarian government.

New criminal offences have been brought into being on the 'mere say-so of ministers', with the fines of up to £10,000 'truly breathtaking' constitutionally. 

This has been achieved through the 'language of impending doom', 'alarmist' projections and statistical manipulation.

Durham councillor Irene Hewitson says -

'We're being locked down over a fake virus. I don't believe the virus exists,' Cllr Hewitson, 63, told ChronicleLive yesterday. 'When my neighbours, relatives, friends and work people are dying around me then I'll believe it's true.

'I've got a friend who works in the Nightingale Hospital and they've never had one patient. They've been cleaning a hospital for six months. It's absolutely disgusting.'

Village Magazine predicts that the FBI will betray Ghislaine Maxwell's victims for a second time. 

'The FBI will cook up a secret deal with Ghislaine, intelligence agencies, the British Government, and the mafia overlords.' 

Who runs the world?

Israel´s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, left, Rabbi Arthur Schneier, center, and Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum, light candles at Ground Zero "The founder and president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, was having breakfast with Rabbi Arthur Schneier at his Park East Synagogue in New York when the two jets struck the World Trade Center, Schneier said. "


Fu*k Donald Trump, I never liked him.
Face with raised eyebrow
for all I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed but that’s history.


A recently published paper has found -
a positive association between COVID-19 deaths and influenza vaccination rates in elderly people worldwide.

Autism incidence correlation. 

The impact of these chemicals on the genes whose expression correlates with autism is why U.C. Davis researcher Dr. Isaac Pessah named triclosan (and related compounds with similar properties) as a prime suspect among environmental factors that might cause autism. Through epigenetics (the study of how toxins in our environment affect gene expression) we know that the genetic expression that correlates with susceptibility to autism can be directly altered by toxic exposures that impact expression of these genes.
"Mike Gula, a Republican fundraiser, looks to cash in on coronavirus.

"A longtime campaign operative informed clients that he has a new line of work: selling critical medical supplies - protective equipment, including N95 respirator masks. 

Asked how he’d managed to procure such equipment when there are shortages in hospitals across the country, Gula said, “I have relationships with a lot of people.”

Gula started Blue Flame with John Thomas, a consultant who until recently worked as chief strategist for Don Sedgwick, a Republican.

Rod Kelly@rodkelly50·10h

Tory Jesus thread: I could give you this bread Timmy but you’d probably just swap it for crack 

“Hello everybody! It’s your old pal Grover with some health tips…” begins the spindly blue monster in a Sesame Street PSA.

After teaching kids to wash their hands Grover transitions into some new normal brainwashing: “Another way for everyone to stay healthy is by practicing physical distance and staying six feet away from people in public. That is right, six cute little feet like this…”

Sesame Street Offers “New Normal” Brainwashing for the Very Young and Vulnerable


When it came to NEWS, the BBC's Frank Bough was trusted.

"In 1988, it all came crashing down amid lurid stories of cocaine parties with prostitutes and four years later, he was pictured leaving a 'dungeon party' at the flat of a dominatrix prostitute."

"His image as a clean-cut family man was shattered after revelations that he wore women's lingerie at cocaine parties with prostitutes." 



Nazis? Berlin - Arrest of Human Rights Lawyer Markus Haintz.

 Joe Biden is three points ahead in Texas, typically Republican territory.

Trump is behind in key swing states like FloridaNorth CarolinaWisconsinArizona and Pennsylvania.


The return to the Feudal System.

Robert Middelmann, a German Jew.

On 21 October 2020, the German Press Agency (dpa) reports that Germany pledges NATO soldiers for possible Covid-19 operations:

“German soldiers could be sent on crisis missions to other NATO and partner countries during the second wave of the Corona pandemic.

“Democracy” vs. COVID: A No-Go. The Great Reset is the Antidote of DemocracyBy Peter Koenig, October 25, 2020

Protective medical equipment deals.

Trump and a Melania body-double? 

“Nose, cheek bone, jaw line, lips, chin… Melania’s doppleganger is younger, less botoxed and WAAAAAAAAY too happy to be hanging with Trump.”

President Trump has consoled the 90-year-old mother of New York City police officer who died last year after she was fatally shot by a deranged individual.

Trump demands the death penalty for ALL killers of police.

"We are gradually becoming a totalitarian state. 

"Ministers are encouraging people to spy on their neighbours, the police are urged to abandon their normal duties to disturb us in the privacy of our homes, and pub and restaurant owners are required to use Gestapo-like tactics with their customers.

"Millions are again prevented from meeting friends and family, banned from leading normal lives. Swathes of jobs are also being destroyed and Government debt is piling up to dizzying levels."

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'The UK Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer has suspended the former UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn from the party over his reaction to a highly critical report on anti-Semitism.


'The human rights watchdog found Labour responsible for "unlawful" harassment and discrimination during Mr Corbyn's years in charge of the party.

'But Mr Corbyn later said the scale of anti-Semitism within Labour had been "dramatically overstated" by opponents.

'Labour said he was being suspended "for a failure to retract" his words.

'Mr Corbyn reacted by calling the move "political" and promised to "strongly contest" it.'

Unknown commented

David Evans is the General Secretary of Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC). David Evans is so far refusing to answer NEC members asking him which rule was supposedly breached by Corbyn to warrant his (Evans') ruthless decision to expel him. 

So who is David Evans? Described as "a staunch Blairite", Evans worked for Labour under TONY BLAIR. 


Unknown commented 

JewishVoiceForLabour @JVoiceLabour - We are appalled that Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended from the Labour Party and the whip withdrawn. 

He has a proud record of fighting all forms of racism and antisemitism. This is an attack both on Jeremy and on the majority of party members. Do not leave, organise, fight back.


Jeremy's Suspension | Chris Williamson

Unknown commented 

Jewish activist Jackie Walker was expelled from Labour: "Last month, she wrote on Facebook that Starmer 'only talks to Zionist Jews and the Tories at synagogue.'"

Unknown commented 

After Corbyn, UK Labour elects Keir Starmer, Zionist with Jewish wife, as leader ... 

"His wife, Victoria Alexander, comes from a Jewish background and through her he has extended family living in Tel Aviv. 

"'My wife’s family is Jewish. Her dad is Jewish, their family came over from Poland. The extended family live in Israel,' he told Britain’s Jewish News in February. "He has never been to Israel but 'we're in regular contact with them and we've got various visits planned, basically to take our kids for the first time.' 

"He said he has attended Shabbat dinners with his wife's relatives on numerous occasions and visited London synagogues to attend family bar mitzvahs and weddings. "During a campaign event organized by the Jewish Labour Movement, other party leadership candidates said they were 'Zionists' while Starmer was hesitant. "'I do support Zionism,' he later told Jewish News ..." ...

Unknown commented 


"This year, Sukkot marks exactly six months since I became Leader of the Labour Party." 

Sukkot "commemorates the 40 years of Jewish wandering in the desert after the giving of the Torah atop Mt. Sinai ... 

"Just as Passover is tied to the Exodus from Egypt and Shavuot is associated with the giving of the Torah, Sukkot has come to reflect the experience of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness. The 40 years of wandering in the desert prior to entering the Land of Israel ..." 

Sir Keir has come to lead the Jewish people out of the Wilderness, and into their own Promised Land?

Unknown commented

"Ok three years ago my MP @Keir_Starmer and I met at a fundraiser at a local synagogue to raise money for homeless. He was adamant that Corbyn would be over soon ..."

Unknown commented 

@OfficeGSBrown speaking on ‘The Challenges of a Fast Changing Society’ at the West Hampstead Synagogue. With attendees including Keir Starmer and Ian Austin

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