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A tweet that used a photo of a child clothing model.

The Manchester Arena 'false flag' bombing took place on 22 May 2017.

In September 2020, the Manchester bombing inquiry has been hearing of 'failings' in the emergency response.

Greater Manchester Police 'did not know' of Ariana Grande concert at the arena...

1. The police 'did not know' that the Ariana Grande concert was taking place.

2. A terror drill, matching the real thing, had taken place at the Manchester Arena less than a year before the bombing.

In July 2016, Exercise Sherman had taken place, simulating a terror attack in the City Room, 'the very thing that occurred' 10 months later.

3. For 40 minutes after the blast there was just ONE paramedic on the scene.

4. A man on a makeshift stretcher had CPR delayed by an HOUR.

5. The fire service only arrived on scene two hours and six minutes after the bomb went off.

Ismail Abedi (Right) is pictured with his brothers Salman (Left) and Hashem (centre)

Salman Abedi is alleged to have carried out the 2017 Manchester Arena attack.

An independent forensic investigation of the 2017 Manchester Arena "bombing" incident.

14,000 Ariana Grande fans had just finished watching a concert, when a loud bang was heard coming from the arena foyer.

The vast majority of people did not witness an explosion because the foyer is a separate enclosure unsighted from the main arena.

Immediately after the bang, crowds flooded out of the arena, some of them in panic.

The mainstream media quickly reported that a suicide bomber had detonated a "nuts and bolts" bomb in the centre of the foyer, which they quickly claimed killed 22 people and injured dozens more.

Despite the foyer being comprehensively covered by CCTV cameras, to date, no CCTV footage of the foyer area has been released for public scrutiny.

Only 2 short pieces of video footage and one still photograph have surfaced showing the alleged aftermath within the foyer.

Astonishingly, forensic examination of these videos and still image shows they were produced 15 hours before the time of the alleged explosion!

Close scrutiny of first hand eye witness testimony and other evidence casts doubt on the official narrative and leads to the possibility that the event was a carefully stage managed exercise involving scores of enlisted participants.

"According to a security source, the FBI told MI5 that Salman Abedi was planning an attack in Britain in January 2017.

"They thought he might be planning to assassinate a key political figure.

"MI5 investigated but 'nothing came of it.'"


Does it look as if Salman Abedi was being protected by MI5?

In this photo of 'Salman Abedi', have 'handlers from the security services' been blanked out?

No sign of a backpack?

In the Boston Bombing, the backpack carrying a bomb seems to have belonged to an agent of the Craft private military.

Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd

Former Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd was leading an investigation into illegal activity by the CIA and its friends. 

Michael Todd was found dead in mysterious circumstances.

Peter Walker claims that a mysterious group of dark-suited men, believed to be from the security services, were seen at the bottom of Mount Snowdon after Todd's body was found.

A mystery Chinook helicopter appeared above the body.

The original version of what happened in Manchester:

According to The Times, CCTV footage showed Salman Abedi placing a suitcase down at the scene of the explosion.

'A mother' said that the bomber was wearing a bright red top.

The suicide bomber, Abedi, was acting totally alone, and was not part of a terrorist group.

Abedi used a home made bomb.

The 'possible torso remains of Abediwere found, and identified by his bank card.

After leaks from the USA, there was a second version of what happened in Manchester:

The bomb was in a Karimor rucksack, and not in a suitcase.

The bomber was dressed in dark clothes.

The bomber was part of a large group.

The bomber used a very sophisticated bomb, made by an expert, and with a remote control.

Abedi did not have to be at the scene of the crime.

Is this Abedi and is this a blue suitcase?

Is this a backpack found at the scene of the attack, and is it Abedi's backpack?

In one version, Salman Abedi enjoyed drugs, alcohol and partying.

In another version, Salman Abedi was a puritanical supporter of ISIS.

Manchester: The Hoax.

Above, we see apparently photoshopped CCTV images, released by the police.

The images allegedly show Salman Abedi, somewhere in the world, on 22 May 2017.

Above, we see Jimmy Savile and a top policeman. 

The Manchester police are said to be the 'biggest gang in Britain'.

The security services transported Libyans from Manchester to Libya, to fight Gaddafi.

Salman Abedi and his father helped the CIA to topple Gaddafi in Libya.

The 'Boston Bomber' Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who attended a CIA-run workshop.

Boston terror suspects uncle was married to CIA officer's daughter and even shared a home with the agent


The Manchester Arena atrocity is like the Bologna Bombing.

According to the BBC documentary above, the security services (CIA and its friends) carried out the massacre in Bologna as part of its Operation Gladio.


The CIA-Mossad's Operation Gladio B involves the employment of Moslems.

Salman Abedi's father is alleged to have been in touch with ABU QATADA who is 'an MI5 ASSET'.

Haroon Rashid Aswat (right)

Haroon Rashid Aswat was described as being the mastermind of the 7 July London bombings.

The authorities stated that Aswat had made mobile telephone calls to two of the 7 July bombers. 

After Aswat was handed over to the UK police, Scotland Yard police headquarters said, on 7 August 2005, that detectives were not interested in speaking to Aswat about the London attacks. 

Reportedly, Aswat worked for MI6.

Al Qaeda's Anwar Al-Awlaki (above) was born in the USA.

He was once a chaplain at George Washington University.

He was recruited by the CIA.

In 1996 and in 1997, Al-Awlaki was arrested in San Diego for soliciting prostitutes.[14][38][58][59]

President Mubarak, after the Luxor massacre, stated: "There are people who carried out crimes and who were sentenced (in Egypt) and live on British soil." 

Who are the brains behind the 'terrorism'?

Israel is run by terrorists?

Mossad and its friends have always employed lots of Moslems.

Moslems can be seduced by money and sex, or can be intimidated and mind controlled.

The UK has more than one foreign enemy?

What links does the family of Salman Abedi have to the CIA?

In 1946 Jewish terrorists tried to drop a bomb on the House of Commons from a hired plane.

The House of Commons was saved when French Police discovered members of the Jewish Stern Gang preparing to fly across the channel in a plane containing a large bomb. 

Declassified intelligence reports show that after World War II, the main priority for MI5 was terrorism carried out by the Jewish terrorist groups - the Irgun and the Stern Gang.

The Jewish terrorists were supported by top people in the USA, who saw Britain as a rival power.

King David Hotel

On 22 July 1946, the Irgun bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which housed British officials and the headquarters of the British Army in Palestine.

91 people died.

The Zionists like to carry out their attacks on the 22nd day of any month.

In November 1944 the Stern Gang assassinated the British government minister Lord Moyne.

In March 1947, Irgun bombed the Colonial Club in London.

In April 1947, Irgun placed a bomb at the Colonial Office in London.

In June 1947, the Stern Gang launched a letter-bomb campaign in Britain.

Marvin Paice and Clifford Martin, the two british sergants who were hanged by the Irgun.

In mid-June 1946, the Irgun bombed five trains and 10 of the 11 bridges in British controlled Palestine.

In October 1946, Irgun bombed the British Embassy in Rome

In late 1946 and early 1947, Irgun carried out attacks on British military transportation routes in British occupied Germany.

Kim Philby worked for Victor Rothschild, MI6, the CIA, the KGB and MOSSAD.

The British army contained Jews who were members of Irgun and the Stern gang.

MI5 and MI6 contained Jews who supported Israel.

Loord Victor Rothschild worked for MI5 and MI6 and is said to have given away secrets to Israel.

The British cabinet contained Jews who supported Israel.

It can be said that, gradually, Zionist Jews and their allies came to influence every key institution in the UK, including the media.

It is said that Zionist Jews and their allies came to control every key Islamist leader.

Jewish home secretaries allowed large numbers of Moslems to enter the UK.

Members of the IRA, such as Robert Briscoe, supported the Jewish terrorists.

CNN's Paul Cruickshank suggested the possibility that the Manchester Arena attack was a False Flag attack.

False Flag attacks have been researched by historians such as Dr Daniel Ganser.

Dr Daniel Ganser explains that western governments have carried out many acts of false flag terrorism.

CIA-NATO Gladio agent Vincezo Vinciguerra explained the Gladio "strategy of tension" in sworn testimony.

He said:

"You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game ... to force the public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security.

"This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened."

NATO’s secret armies linked to terrorism

Armed police point a gun at the head of a white man in Hulme, ManchesterManchester armed cops force man to the ground

A 'Libyan anti-terror official', Ahmed bin Salem, has said that Salman Abedi phoned his mother and said "forgive me".

Salman Abedi called mother .

We should not necessarily trust a Libyan anti-terror official, who may well be working for the CIA.

It was the CIA and Mossad who wrecked Libya in their Arab Spring, because they had fallen out with Gadaffi.

Salman Abedi's family may be working for the CIA and its friends.

Al Qaeda's Abu Anas

Al Qaeda's Abu Anas al-Libi lived in Manchester.

Abu Anas al-Libi reportedly worked for MI6.

(MI6 hired Al Qaeda men)

Abu Anas al-Libi was granted asylum in the UK.

The wife of Abu Anas al-Libi was once a friend of Salman Abedi's mother.

Salman Abedi's father has been linked to al Qaeda.

The late UK foreign secretary Robin Cook explained in the UK parliament that al Qaeda is the CIA.

The newspaper Scotland on Sunday reported that Osama bin Laden worked for the Jewish mafia.

It is alleged that Salman Abedi may have stayed at a flat in Granby House immediately before the Manchester Arena attack.

Granby House is in Manchester's Gay Village.

Was Mossad controlling Abedi through sexual blackmail?


The originally Catholic Ariana Grande 'is a mind-controlled Jewish kabbalah supporter'?

'There was a stage, when I was three or four, where my mom thought I might grow up to be a serial killer,' Ariana told Billboard.

She continued: 'I always wanted to have skeleton face paint on or be wearing a Freddy Krueger mask.'

Peter Chamberlin, in NEOCONSERVATISM - FASCIST ZIONISM, links the powerful Zionist Michael Ledeen to the false flag terrorism that has hit Europe and the USA.

CCTV (above) has captured someone, said to be Salman Abedi, buying a rucksack.

The alleged Manchester Arena bomber, Salman Abedi, lived close to a number of fellow Libyans and a number of 'Christians' who apparently worked for the CIA and its friends.

Stephen Gray.

Stephen Gray, 31, from Manchester, served in the UK's Royal Air Force.

Gray tried to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS, which is said to be run by the CIA and its friends.

Raphael Hostey.

Rapper Raphael Hostey, 22, from Manchester, joined ISIS.

Belhadj (centre), leader of LIFG, with John McCain. Washington's Al Qaeda Ally.

Salman Abedi's father, Ramadan Abedi, was reportedly a member of Abdelhakim Belhadj's
Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) has a large presence in the Manchester area.

LIFG is now being linked to the Manchester Arena attack.

LIFG works for the CIA and its friends.

UK Government Harbored Terrorists.

Mohamed Abrini, the 'Man in the Hat'

Detectives have linked the alleged Manchester Arena attacker Salman Abedi to the 'Mossad-CIA terror attacks in Paris, in 2015, and in Brussels, in 2016'. 

Mohamed Abrini, the 'Man in the Hat', who has connections to the attacks in Paris and Brussels, is known to have visited Manchester in 2015.


Zakaria Boufassil, who says he worked for MI5.

Zakaria Boufassil says he worked for MI5.

Zakaria Boufassil gave money to Mohamed Abrini who was involved in the November 2015 Paris attacks and the 2016 Brussels bombings.

Boufassil gave £3,000 to Mohamed Abrini in a park in Small Heath, Birmingham in July 2015.

Boufassil, 26, says he was approached by MI5, held several meetings with MI5 agents and was paid by MI5.

"His claims can now be published after an order banning mention of his alleged links to the security services was lifted at Kingston Crown Court."


Why was Salman's family given asylum in the UK when the family was known to the security services. Why was Salman allowed to travel freely between Libya and the UK? dailymail. One can assume that Salman and family worked for the security services?

Authorities told ABC News they found a kind of bomb-making workshop in Salman Abedi's home and he had apparently stockpiled enough chemicals to make additional bombs.

However, according to the UK police, "No bomb-making equipment was found at Salman Abedi's home."


In the London Tube train attacks, the explosives were placed under the train compartments, presumably by the security services.

One witness said that there was no Moslem and no backpack in his compartment where a bomb went off.


The Manchester Arena bomb had a sophisticated remote, cell-phone detonator.

It could have been detonated by an asset of the security services, some distance away.

Salman Abedi (third from left) and Bilal Ahmed (second from left).

Salman Abedi used to hang around with Bilal Ahmed.

Ahmed is now serving nine-year prison sentence for gang raping a schoolgirl, 16


Lots of English Moslems work for the drugs gangs, work for the child abuse rings and work for the security services.

Salman Abedi's family. dailymail.

Salman Abedi's mother, Samia, is a nuclear scientist, with alleged links to the security services.

Salman Abedi, the alleged Manchester Arena bomber.

A schoolmate of Salman Abedi, who was in the same class throughout secondary school, told MailOnline that Salman Abedi had never shown any interest in religion.

'He was just a normal kid, not one of those who ever particularly stood out,' he said.

One friend said: 'He didn't show any outward signs of being radicalised."
Debbie Smith, 53, a chef who lives opposite the Abedi house, said: 'We never had any problems with the family. 

"They seemed quite Western, they wore Western clothes.

'The women didn't wear veils.'

If Salman Abadi was working for ISIS, then he was working for the CIA and its friends, and had probably been mind-controlled.

On the left, 11-year-old Joe Dixon of ISIS.

Joe Dixon, of ISIS, is from Chatham in Kent.

He appears to have been mind controlled by the security services.

Max von Oppenheim (above), of the Jewish banking family, had a plan to incite religious violence in various countries.

He described Islam as 'one of our most important weapons'.

Mullahs were bribed with large sums of money to get them to support Jihad.

Salman Abedi

In false flag attacks, real witnesses often describe the alleged attacker as being 'normal', but, fake witnesses describe the alleged attacker as being 'not normal'.

One alleged neighbour said of Salman Abedi's family: 'The family is super religious...

'The mother always stayed in the house and whenever I saw her she was wearing a veil.'

"Salman Abedi"

Salman Abedi's father, Ramadan Abedi, is an airport security officer who is thought to have worked at Manchester Airport.

The bomb used in the attack is a 'big and sophisticated bomb' using materials not widely available in Britain.

A CIA or Mossad bomb?

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is strongly pro-Zionist.

"The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children," Rabbi Manis Friedman wrote.

Salman Abedi, photoshopped onto a scene. Here's what we know.

The police linked Salman Abedi to the Manchester attack "through a bank card found in his pocket."

Here's what we know.

In false flag attacks, the security services are said to 'plant' fake evidence.

According to an NBC News report, citing U.S. intelligence officials, "Abedi traveled abroad to multiple countries, including Libya, within the past year to train with the Al Qaeda terrorist group."

We should remember that the CIA and its friends created Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

1996 bombing in Manchester. By 1973, British intelligence (MI5 and MI6) had fully penetrated the IRA. (dailymail). It is believed that assets of the security services carried out the 1996 bombing in Manchester, in order to discredit the Republican movement, and get people scared so they would vote for the rich eliteDID MI5 BOMB LONDON IN 1973?

Salman Abedi took business classes at the University of Salford in Manchester.

"Friends remember him as a good footballer, a keen supporter of Manchester United and a user of cannabis."

Manchester attack.

He is believed to be currently living in Libya.

Salman Abedi

Saffie Rose Roussos

Why might the security services want to kill Saffie Rose Roussos at the Manchester Arena?

Sir Peter Hayman (above) was the deputy boss of the UK security service MI6. 

The police found diaries in which Sir Peter Hayman had recorded his sexual experiences with children. The police also found letters to fellow child abusers. 

Two of the letter writers had an interest in the extreme sexual torture and murder of children.

Can we trust the UK military?

As a child, Paul Bonacci (above) was kidnapped by the US security services and forced to watch the sexual abuse, torture and the ritual murder of children.
Above we see Jihadi Jack of ISIS. The security services allegedly mind control children, use them as sex slaves, and then recruit them to ISIS. ISIS REVEALED.

22-year-old Salman Abedi is the alleged Manchester Arena bomber.

Salman's parents moved from Libya to London because they wanted to escape the Gaddafi regime.

Salman was born in Manchester in 1994.

There have been reports in Manchester that Salman and his parents recently returned permanently to Libya.

Salman Abedi

As in most false flag attacks, the alleged suicide bomber 'was known to the security services.' 

The alleged attacker had probably been mind controlled by the security services?


22 May 2017 was the date of the 'false flag, inside-job' attack at the Manchester Arena, where Ariana Grande was performing.

22 is a number said to be favoured by the security services.

Ariana Grande would appear to have been mind controlled by the elite.

Her manager is Scooter Braun.


Before the attack, an unverified Twitter account posted Tweets showing the ISIS flag alongside the hashtags #IslamicState and #Manchesterarena.


ISIS is run by the security services of the West.


Rita Katz is tweeting that ISIS is likely to blame.


Andy Burnham is the newly elected Mayor of Manchester.

Andy Burnham had his latest trip to Israel sponsored by Labour Friends of Israel.

Manchester has a very large Jewish population.


After the attack, we see people fleeing in panic.

On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby was allegedly killed in Woolwich in London. On 22 March 2017, an attack took place on Westminster Bridege.


The purpose of Operation Gladio attacks, like the one in Manchester, is to get people scared so that they will vote for politicians who work for the Deep State.


The Manchester attack may be a preparation for a Theresa May government invading Syria.

Former Assistant Chief Constable of Manchester, Rebekah Sutcliffe. Shamed 'boobgate' rant cop

Should we trust the Manchester police?

Manchester and Salford Police's Chief Constable, W J Richards (centre), with Jimmy Savile.

Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd's 'murder' refuses to be cleared up.

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The Columbine shooting was both a false flag and a hoax, as many already know, so what that kid in the video says is quite irrelevant.

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Greetings by @rogowskibubba on twitter 😎

The Life of an American Jew in Racist-Marxist #Israel by Jack Bernstein
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My local shopping mall has a private security company. They patrol the area and stop anyone walking without a mask. It is insane.

At 10 September 2020 at 02:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Article on youth crime statistics in London, and what Commissioner of Metropolitan Police Dame Cressida Dick said in evidence to the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee in July 2020

They are stopping youth in London and searching thousands each month

20% to 28% of them have something (a knife etc) "requiring further action"

Aggressive searching seems to lower the rate at which contraband is found, as youth become more cautious about what they carry

But the up to 80% who are innocent of carrying contraband, largely minorities who are searched, may feel aggrieved, and questioners expressed concern

Commissioner Dick told Parliament: "In London last year 72% of homicide victims under 25 were black ... you are four times more likely to be a victim of homicide if you are black and eight times more likely to be a perpetrator"


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