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'A teen was raped in Cyprus.'

"Some of the suspects have family friends in powerful positions. 

"One of their fathers is an adviser to the mayor of Jerusalem, while an Israeli government minister has admitted being a close friend of the parents of two of the suspects.

"And on the very day the British woman says she was coerced into ‘confessing’ she had made up her rape claims, the Greek foreign minister was visiting Israel and seemingly taking an interest in the case."

British woman's gang rape 

The alleged Israeli rapists after being released by the Cyprus police.


The British teen, 19, has been found GUILTY of lying that she was gang raped by the Israelis.

Cyprus is said to be a colony of Israel.

Avoid Cyprus.

It is a dangerous country, reportedly run by the Kosher Nostra.

See Cyprus as being part of Greater Israel.

In January 2020, the leaders of Cyprus, Greece and Israel plan to sign an agreement for the building of the eastern Mediterranean natural gas pipeline, which will run across the Mediterranean from 'Israel’s' Levantine Basin offshore gas reserves to the Greek island of Crete and the Greek mainland, and then to Italy.

On December 28, 2019, the seventh night of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, a masked man entered the home of a Hasidic rabbi in Monsey, New York, where a Hanukkah party was underway.

Reportedly, five people were wounded.

The suspect's car was spotted by a license plate reader on the George Washington Bridge nearly two hours later, and the suspect was taken into custody without incident by New York City police.

Hanukkah stabbings suspect 'mentally ill with no record of anti-Semitism' family says

Twitter and CBS report that the accused, Grafton Thomas, had a long history of mental health problems and stints in hospital.

A family statement relates that that he did not have a criminal record and was not known to be anti-Semitic.

Anti-Semitic graffiti has been daubed on some London shops and cafes

Brabantian 29 December 2019 writes:

Some past news items which come to mind -

1. A restaurant in the Canadian city of Winnipeg was allegedly defaced by racist graffiti and swastikas.

The Winnipeg police now believe the hate crime was a hoax staged by the Jewish owners of the BerMax Caffé.

2. A court in Israel has convicted 19-year-old American-Israeli Michael Kadar of making hundreds of threats to bomb or attack Jewish schools and community centres.

He was accused of making more than 2,000 bomb threats to Jewish institutions, airlines, airports, police stations, hospitals and sporting events.

In February 2017, several British Jewish schools were targeted and the Jewish Museum in London was evacuated after bomb threats attributed to him.

He also made threats about British Airways flights between London and New York.

Reinhard Heydrich, 'the mastermind of the Holocaust', is believed to have been Jewish. Walter Schellenberg in his Memoirs (p. 207) writes: "Canaris told me after Heydrich's death that he possessed proof of Heydrich's Jewish ancestry."

3. A Jewish man was arrested after spray painting swastikas on his own home in Upstate NY.

Now, Andrew King, 54, of Schenectady, is facing a charge of Falsely Reporting an Incident.

4. Donald Trump has suggested that Jewish people might be committing anti-Semitic hate crime false flags.

A website is keeping track of reported 'hate crime' hoaxes ... if you put 'Jewish' or 'swastika' in the search box there are numerous incidents.

Adolf Eichmann. In 1939, Adolf Eichmann desribed himself as a Zionist. (Adolf Eichmann Was a Crypto-Jewish Zionist Nazi)

5. A Jewish couple, Jerome and Jamie B Roedel, found their home burglarised and swastikas painted on the walls. 

Jamie Roedel collected the insurance and left her husband. 

In December 1993 she was charged with insurance fraud and theft.

6. Arson at a Jewish Chabad center was blamed on a 33-yr old Jewish man. 

2004-05-12 San Francisco CA.

7. A Jewish student was caught painting swastikas on her own door then claiming anti-Semitic attack.



(The 39 Steps - Google Books Result):

John Buchan, in his novel Thirty Nine Steps, wrote about a secret group planning to start World War One:

The aim of the whole conspiracy was to get Russia and Germany at loggerheads.

When I asked Why, he said that ... Everything would be in the melting-pot, and they looked to see a new world emerge. The capitalists would rake in the shekels, and make fortunes by buying up wreckage. Capital, he said, had no conscience and no fatherland. Besides, the Jew was behind it, and the Jew hated Russia worse than hell...

The Jew is everywhere, but you have to go far down the backstairs to find him. Take any big Teutonic business concern. If you have dealings with it the first man you meet is Prince von und zu Something, an elegant young man who talks Eton-and-Harrow English. But he cuts no ice.

If your business is big, you get behind him and find a prognathous Westphalian with a retreating brow and the manners of a hog. He is the German business man that gives your English papers the shakes.

But if you're on the biggest kind of job and are bound to get to the real boss, ten to one you are brought up against a little white-faced Jew in a bath-chair with an eye like a rattle-snake. Yes, sir, he is the man who is ruling the world just now, and he has his knife in the Empire of the Tsar, because his aunt was outraged and his father flogged in some one-horse location on the Volga.'


Prisoners at the Dachau Concentration camp.

The International Red Cross reported in 1946 that of registered Jewish camp inmates no more than 300,000 could have died.

Their audit to December 31, 1984 records a total 282,077 registered deaths of all internees in all German Concentration Camps from all causes.





1 Jul 2019 - The UK Labour Member of Parliament Chris Williamson believes that recent 'antisemitism smears' are 'dirty tricks' being used to hurt Jeremy ...


22 Feb 2019 - He accuses the Labour Party of not stamping out anti-semitism. Ian Austin's parents are Jewish. Ian Austin's father is a Czech Jew who was ...

ANTI-SEMITISM? - aangirfan

25 Aug 2012 - ANTI-SEMITISM? The Arab Spring: organised by the CIA, NATO and Mossad. Damien Thompson writes: "Is a new and shocking wave of ...

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At 30 December 2019 at 00:12 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benjamin Netanyahu
Shimon Peres
Ehud Barak
Rothschild Banking Family
Global Technology Partners
Ashton Carter
John Deutch
Phillip Zelikow
Super Nanothermite
SCP Partners
Metalurg Holdings Inc
Advanced Metalurg group
Airport Security Passenger Screening
ICTS subsidiary Huntleigh USA
Ron Lauder (WTC Privatisation)
Lew Eisenberg (WTC Lease Manager Port Authority
Larry Silverstein (WTC Leaseholder)
WTC Kroll + Associates
Maurice Greenberg
Software control between Military and Civilian communications
Ptech – Michael Goff
MITRE – James R Schlesinger
Guardium – Amit Yoran
Catastrophic Terrorism
Medusa Touch & Lone Gunman
Arnon Milchan (Mossad & LEKEM)
Rupert Murdoch (Fox TV & News Corp.)
Ehud Barak
Phillip Zelikow
Michael Chertoff
Michael Chertoff – Assistant Attorney General (Criminal dept.)
Mayor Giuliani
Richard Sheirer
Kenneth Holden
Hugo Neu
Metal Management Northeast
Judge Alvin K Hellerstein
Sheila Birnbaum

At 30 December 2019 at 01:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slowly but surely, humanity starts to see the true nature of (Zio) Jews, the danger they represent. No more lies, fairytales, myths and so on. Enuff is enuff!

At 30 December 2019 at 03:13 , Blogger James R said...

A Jewish woman facing more than 70 child sex charges in Australia, with exclusively Jewish victims, fled to Israel to evade justice.
Since 2014 Australia has been asking Israel to extradite the alleged perpetrator with no luck.
Local victims recently reacted in horror and dismay as the person deemed responsible was promoted to a senior cabinet post by PM Netanyahu.
Yesterday there was a supposed axe attack on the home of a New York area Rabbi.
An horrific event...if it really happened.
A google search into the identity of the person whose home was attacked- Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg reveals that he led a successful effort to squash child abuse charges made against a fellow Rabbi Hafner by a deaf Jewish child.
These people do not care if the victim is Jewish or gentile, they want it squashed.
In that case the local district attorney chose not to proceed with charges following a highly dishonest representation led by Rabbi Rottenberg, who is part of the Chabad Lubavitch.
Understanding the Impact of Clergy Sexual Abuse: Betrayal and Recovery - Google Books

I recently read a good piece by Ron Unz outlining the origins of the ADL in the USA, they kicked off by seeking to exonerate a prominent and wealthy Jewish individual convicted of the rape and murder of a 13 year old girl. The man was lynched ultimately,according to Unz the only known lynching of a Jew in US history.
The Unz piece shows that screaming victim and accusing people of anti-Semitism as a deflection has been a tactic that was used even before the events of World War 2.
Unz is Jewish, and even the Australian Zionist association are outraged at Israel's failure to extradite the woman facing more than 70 child abuse charges.
It seems therefore that it is a big mistake to be fooled by the play the victim tactics used by the worst and most corrupt among them to obscure and deflect from their crimes but it is also a mistake to throw a blanket across all Jews and condemn them simply on the basis of their background.
But there are some terrible tendencies and patterns of behaviour that show up in certain of the more supremacist Jewish institutions like Chabad Lubavitch, that is undeniable.

At 30 December 2019 at 03:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 30 December 2019 at 03:19 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 30 December 2019 at 04:13 , Blogger Anon said...

Many thanks for this info. James.

- Aangirfan

At 30 December 2019 at 05:23 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The grafitti in London looks suspect. Take a good look at the one daubbed on the green pub with a metal shutter and door. This has 2 911s on it. Very suspect indeed looks like it is Photoshopped. The angle is all wrong and blown up big you can see all its faults...

At 30 December 2019 at 05:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aang talked about this in some of his posts, I mean that Aussie tragedy.

At 30 December 2019 at 08:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What'cha doin' rabbi?"

At 30 December 2019 at 08:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 30 December 2019 at 08:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 30 December 2019 at 11:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

2nd Image seems a very modified one, with the same red sign of the 1st image overimposed. It appears that the red has been deleted on some parts and then a filter has been applied to hide the modifications. Zoom into the 2nd image and you see a black border on the red sign - something like a saturation filter or enhancer, used for no reason, apparently.

At 30 December 2019 at 19:10 , Anonymous Ted Irwin said...

Did you not notice the star and way 911 is written is the same on both 'incidents."? Not possible by human hand and separate incidents. ie one is photo shop. I am a visual artist amongst other things. Trained to observe.

At 31 December 2019 at 05:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boycott Cyprus.

At 31 December 2019 at 09:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, like your site. Please tell me a nation which is not run by the kosher nostra.

At 31 December 2019 at 11:44 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

Then the Texas church shooting - False flag signs? - Strategy of tension fuelling USA civil conflict?

Just one day after the Saturday 28 December synagogue stabbing attack, another house of prayer killing took place in Texas

Less prominent in international media, but a viral story amongst right-wing people and Trump voters ... with signs of being a false flag perhaps fuelling shortly-upcoming USA civil conflict

The Texas shooting is inspiring USA men to 'hold onto your guns' at any cost, including civil war

In a video livestream of a Sunday 29 December church service, easily viewable online, it looks like a man pulled out a shotgun, and killed two people, but congregants quickly drew their concealed handguns in response

An age 71 ex-deputy, quickly 'killed the shooter' with an impressive single handgun shot to the head from down the church aisle, about 8 metres away

The church shooting was at a 'Church of Christ' in 'Tarrant County'

Christchurch New Zealand shooting by 'Brenton Tarrant' on 15 March 2019

The church is in the town of 'White Settlement, Texas' (i.e., not Amer-Indian, not Latino, per its racially-centred founding name)

White Settlement is at 666 feet above sea level

Both 'shootings' were livestreamed

The day before the Texas shooting, 'Grafton Thomas' stabbed Jews at a New York synagogue ... 'Brenton Tarrant' of the Christchurch NZ shooting, is from Grafton, Australia

The senior citizen 'heroic boomer' who dispatched the 'Texas shooter', is Jack Wilson, former sheriff's deputy, running for political office with a campaign slogan of 'Make sure your vote is On Target'

The alleged assailant, Keith Thomas Kinnunen, 43, quickly dead as usual, was 'known to the police' as usual, with a long petty crime history

Although in the church he was somewhat hooded, with a long trenchcoat hiding his shotgun, his identity not revealed by authorities for about 24 hours ... he did not seem too suspicious to the several volunteer 'armed security force' at the church?

In the video he is seen speaking to a congregant ... the signal that 'the show is ready to start', some wonder?

It is legal for permit-holders to carry concealed weapons into churches in Texas ... Joe Biden had publicly criticised this

But now, a 'brave senior citizen' has 'stopped an even greater massacre' thanks to his many years of practice at the shooting range

The shot was distinctively competent, the result of a 'gun culture' ... at shooting ranges in the USA or Europe, you often shoot at a paper target which can be moved away from you to about 8 metres ... and you try to practice shooting at the chest and also at the head, in case the 'bad guy' is wearing body armour

At 31 December 2019 at 11:50 , Anonymous Brabantian said...

The Texas shooting episode is very central for USA gun owners ... and is adding fuel to the fire of the potentially violent civil conflict in January in the USA

There are many reported episodes of armed citizens stopping crime or preventing worse violence, but the Texas incident is singular in the way it was livestreamed, recorded on viral video

And we are a few days away from a tense, potentially violent, gun confiscation conflict in the USA state of Virginia

USA civil conflict will allow Trump to 'legally', under 'emergency powers', cancel the 2020 election

In the USA, unlike Britain, there is still theoretically a primacy to local law, and the local ability to interpret the USA Constitution

USA Democrats have done this repeatedly since Trump took office, declaring Democrat cities to be 'immigrant sanctuaries' for non-legals, where federal laws are not enforced ... and have refused cooperation with federal agents

Now, Republican white people, are using the same tactic, declaring rural counties to be 'gun rights sanctuaries', where 'illegal' gun confiscation laws will not be enforced, and met with armed resistance if necessary

In Virginia this is coming to a boil ... there is a new Democratic state legislature taking office in a few days, along with a Democratic governor, in power because of the minorities now in the urban areas ... and they have made clear they intend to humiliate the gun owners and take away many guns

The rural white men - controlling most of the state geographically, if not numerically - have declared their 'sanctuaries' against 'illegal laws', and the local law enforcement, the sheriffs, are largely on their side, covering most of the state physically ... some sheriffs saying they are ready to make masses of local men into law enforcement 'deputies' just like in the Old West

President Trump famously pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a right-wing sheriff in Arizona who had been convicted on charges

The Virginia governor says he will use the state militia army, the Virginia 'national guard', to shoot people and take away the guns ... but that 'national guard' of 'weekend soldiers' is largely made up of the pro-gun rural white men, so it is not clear what will happen in a 'showdown'

Some people in the USA think this could be the start of armed USA conflict, the 'boogaloo' in current slang. (There was a 1980s sequel film, 'Breakdance 2 - Electric Boogaloo', which led to a meme of USA 'Civil War 2 - Citizen Boogaloo').

There is a lot of racial dislike being stoked in the USA, especially by Jewish people in the media ... euro-heritage whites are now only about 59% of the USA population, and they are being led to feel they will shortly be powerless in a USA that will soon be a minorities-in-majority country

Two out of three white males voted for Trump, along with most married-with-children white women, the rest vote majority Democrat ... Trump is likely the last white male Republican president ... whites are asking themselves, if the time for the last stand is at hand, whilst they still have the weapons

At 31 December 2019 at 20:23 , Blogger Eliza said...

Donald Trump seems to be faring well enough lately:

'The first Hasidic president:' Orthodox Jews gush over Trump

” Rabbi YY Jacobson, who introduced the president at the lunch told The Post. “They are very moved by the leadership he’s shown in security and defense against terror and the support of Israel.”

Orthodox leaders say they’ve embraced Trump because of his pro-Israel policies, including voiding the Iran nuclear deal. Some pointed to Trump’s commuting of Hasidic meatpacking boss Sholom Rubashkin‘s 27-year-sentence for bank fraud and money laundering in 2017.

Ran across that article not long after running across this article. It's disturbing:

Bevin granted hundreds of pardons and commutations in his last act as governor. A majority went to low-level drug offenders, but some went to convicted murderers and rapists.

One was Micah Schoettle, a man who served less than two years for raping a 9-year-old girl who was a close relative.

The mother of that child, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her family, told CBS News correspondent Don Dahler she wishes she'd been warned that her daughter's rapist was going free.

"It just felt like a slap in the face. It felt like a ton of bricks hit me. I just kind of collapsed to the floor sobbing and crying," she said. "I wish Bevin would have come talk to me first before he gave Micah a pardon, and that was never done."

Schoettle served just 19 months of a 23-year sentence.

At 2 January 2020 at 03:16 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2 January 2020 at 04:58 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 2 January 2020 at 08:06 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

James, Yaakov Litzman is the person who has been promoted to the Israeli government. He has been linked to the case of Malka Leifer, the woman that Australia is trying to extradite.


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