Thursday 12 September 2019


Castro, with Sartre and de Beauvoir.

The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre's essay Anti Semite and Jew says that anti-semitism is not grounded in facts about Judaism or the Jewish community, but in irrational thinking.

It should be noted that the 'anti-semitic alt-right' is being led by crypto-Jews.

Sartre was a fan of Israel.

Sartre believed that the Communist regimes, such as those of Stalin, had serious kindly, altruistic intentions.

The atheist Jean-Paul Sartre was the partner of the bisexual Simone de Beauvoir.

Kate Kirkpatrick, in BECOMING BEAUVOIR: A LIFE, writes that Sartre timetabled his various mistresses into his week.

De Beauvoir and Sartre shared some of de Beauvoir's female lovers.

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At 18 September 2019 at 13:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings from France...JP Sartre wasn't happy person.
I would say there is something more interesting to read in her, Simone, books, than his "oeuvres" ( works).

France is, some part of it, still hopelessly enamored with "idealistic" communism, even with sick leninism, horrible, yes i saw stickers on the walls recently " Burgeoisy to gulag" or flyers of "marxist revolutionary party" or red flags, or even this damned communism two tools symbol on flag :
during the demonstration of Gilets Jaunes ( Yellow Vest) here in France.

SICK...and atheism, and on the right : almost fascist-like groups, Rasseblement National ( former Front National ) etc.

So no choice, really. But, also in beautiful France, the level of exposure of this evil system is very high, people are waking up, this is really big and positive, most likely one of the biggest positive trends in Europe.

Autumn gonna be hot in France,socially , politically etc, hopefully no more terrorist attack.

And pls google this name : Georgia Pouliquen, french lawyer , pro Gilets Jaunes, prosecuted in Frnce at police station,intimidated, finally escaped to England and she there now...




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