Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Oprah and the gay Ricky Martin.

Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire, was born into poverty in rural Mississippi to a teenage single mother.

Oprah has stated that she was molested during her childhood and early teens and became pregnant at 14.

Her son died in infancy. [14]

Ritual child sexual abuse

Oprah's stepmother, Barbara Winfrey, spoke to the Daily Mail.

"Barbara Winfrey insinuated that Oprah's relationship with her public partner, Stedman Graham, was something of a front. 

"Barbara Winfrey claimed that she never saw Stedman and Oprah hold hands or touch." 

Gayle King and Oprah.

"Oprah's relationship with Gayle King was far more meaningful, Barbara Winfrey alleged."

The best celebrity queer relationship conspiracy theories


Oprah is a friend of the Chabad organisation.

Oprah has met Michael Aquino.


"Oprah Winfrey used her TV program to market the Iraq war.

"Winfrey ran video clips in a sound-bite manner by 'experts' as a 'moral' obligation to rid the world of Saddam Hussein."

Oprah Winfrey, Warmonger.



  2. all puppets and patsies work for the same global crime syndicate

    the Mass Murder for filthy crime syndicate

    which is "Jewish" because it is Satanic...

    Jesus said..."No Man can serve two masters" & famously
    "by their fruits ye shall now {{{THEM}}} !!!

    Hating Truth & Justice is the BAD FAITH religion...
    of the Money Changers & Pharisees...



  3. I used to live in the Chicagoland area when Oprah had her show there, in the early days. I knew someone who owned a high class bar near where her show was taped. He said that every day after her show was taped, she would go in there alone, and drink until she was very drunk. She was so fat that she needed two stools to sit on, and the staff called her "two stools." Every day they would have to call a cab for her to go home in. I read somewhere that Oprah is a mind control victim, and that Gayle is her handler, not her lover.


  5. Wayne Madsen: Israel uses Sen. Lindsey Graham’s homosexuality to blackmail him

  6. Durham Becomes First City in US to Ban Cops From Going to Israel for ‘Military-Style’ Training

  7. Jew always select their people. It is safe to believe that she is one of them. Maybe not by birth but by profession and way of doing what Jews do best.

  8. a british ambassador working abroad was at a cocktail party, he only had 2 but felt woozy he was about to leave, when the host got him talking, he said he was getting very woozy but strangely randy, the hosts aid see that door there ? there are some very available women in there go have fun, he opened the door and although groggy he could see these women were painted up kids, he just knew that the big mirror on the wall his a camera, summoning all his willpower he managed to leave a call a cab, next day he confessed all to the MI6 desk officer, next day he was replaced

  9. New mind-control-type USA mass shooting

    Censored links to 'Illuminati' claims, re Waffle House shooting massacre, Tennessee USA

    A young man, Travis Reinking, is sought for apparently killing four and wounding several others whilst nude except for a coat, at a Waffle House chain restaurant in Tennessee USA

    Media stories such as in the Daily Mail, are being censored and edited to remove previously published material, regarding Reinking posting on Facebook and linking to YouTube his personal confirmation that 'The Illuminati is Real'

    A mind-controlled shooter?

    Story on Heavy com -

    « Reinking’s Facebook page has been removed.

    In March of 2017, Reinking posted a video saying the 'Illuminati is Real'. YouTube removed the video "for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying". »

    That video linked, and the 'Heavy' article here: