Wednesday 7 March 2018


In Turkey, Syrian refugee Mohammed works 12 hours a day

Lots of people do not want Syrian refugees.

In Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, there is a growing dislike of Syrian refugees 


In Lebanon 25% of the population is now Syrian.

Turkey has 3.5 million Syrian refugees.

Turkey has spent $30 billion on these refugees.

The refugees "are taking jobs and pushing up rents." 

In Turkey, a Syrian refugee.

A recent study by Istanbul's Bilgi University found that 75% of Turks think that the Turkish and Syrian communities in Turkey cannot live in peace. 

45% of Erdogan voters believe that Erdogan's policy of letting in Syrians is wrong.

In Turkey, Syrians compete with local people for affordable housing and low-paid jobs. 


Oded Yinon

Rememeber how the West wrecked Yugoslavia?

The West is now wrecking various Moslem countries, by causing ethnic and religious conflicts.

Think of Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan...

The plan is an Israeli one.

(A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties, by Oded Yinon.)


The West is trying to break up the 'Greater Middle East', according to Knut Mellenthin.

31 August 2012: Junge Welt - Translate this page

According to Knut Mellenthin:

1. Israel wants countries such as Syria and Iraq broken up into several small states.

2. In 1982, Oded Yinon had an article published by the World Zionist Organization journal Kiwunim, entitled "A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s."

Acording to Yinon: "Lebanon's total dissolution into five provinces will be a precedent for the entire Arab world, including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula..."

According to Knut Mellenthin:

All Arab and Muslim states should face "ethnic and social destruction from within, and... raging civil war."

Yinon explicitly mentioned in this context, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

3. Numerous policy papers published in Israel follow the Yinon line.

There were references in these to "violent action against Syria, Turkey and Jordan, among others..."

4. In June 2006, the U.S. military's Armed Forces Journal published an article by Ralph Peters suggesting drawing new borders in the Middle East.

Ralph Peter's "new map" included a "Kurdish state" cut out of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran...

Israel and Trump's friends want control of Syria's oil.

SYRIA: Trump and Netanyahu Lead us to Brink of Another Oil War

Israel wants its Greater Israel.

The Moslem refugees, thrown out of Greater Israel, can be sent to Turkey, Germany, Sweden ...



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At 8 March 2018 at 01:08 , Blogger Kaivey said...

Army document: US strategy to ‘dethrone’ Putin for oil pipelines might provoke WW3

Senior DIA, Air Force and Army officials admit that NATO expansionism and US covert interference in Russian internal politics may trigger “next global conflict”

By Nafeez Ahmed

At 8 March 2018 at 09:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the most important motive for the war against Syria is to create millions of refugees.

The UN actually pushes for mass migration to Europe to hide the succes of depopulation Agenda21:

At 8 March 2018 at 11:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like these diabolic plans aren't now in full bloom... ?

But if you believe in higher, divine powers in the Universe, there is sure small troublemakers on Earth will be eliminated somehow, without 3rd world war.

Some hope, in God there is always hope. Because humanity already falls off the cliff...

At 9 March 2018 at 10:57 , Blogger R47 said...

Hi I have been beating this drum for years. Ppl don't listen, Muslims have ridiculous charity drives for Syrian refugees. Meanwhile the jewmerican plan is to empty Syria for Jewish and Christian's to move in. The whole Arab spring was concocted for this singular purpose.

At 12 March 2018 at 06:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Christians" you must be nuts they are genociding us all over the world. Get a grip. Please fight them in your own countries as we all need to help each other to do this to try to protect our freedom, heritage and people.


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