Saturday, 10 February 2018


My Administration supports Israel.

Israel has been carrying out a War of Aggression against Syria since 2011, using al-Qaeda & ISIS terrorist proxies. Its bombed Syria several times in the last year, in brazen War Crimes.


  1. "Do you find the following post chilling?
    If not, you are probably all ready 'on ice.'"

    Diaspora Ministry unveils system for tracking online anti-Semitism

    hello Aang: Storify is shutting down... so I'm off to new horizons- Geopolitics Behind the Mask
    (Understanding kabbalism's influence on modern medias -
    and the geopolitical consequences)
    Barbarous Reliquary
    (The True Story of Europe's Beginnings)

  2. International Law R.I.P.(if it was ever alive)

  3. Russian air crash 11feb 2018, clear message from Israel "cut off from Syria or more damages coming' will putin respond ? putin,now time to clear it position...

  4. Zionist West media (as always) screaming israel has every right to defend itself's a shame millions of white u.s soldiers are dying for no reason..

  5. I don’t believe at all that a Syrian drone was shot down in Israeli territory, and I don’t believe that the Syrian army shot down an Israeli F-16 either.
    I do think it would be much easier for Mossad to stage something like this in Israeli territory than in Syria...

    Here’s the crash site - most of the F-16 disappeared into thin air:

    Compare this f.e. to the August 2015 crash site of an US F-16 near Engelmannreuth, Germany:

    For more information on Syria (including the Brookings Institution plan to transform Syria in a confederal state without unseating President Assad):